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Jason – Witten announced the return, will return to denim effectiveness

Beijing March 1st News Jason Witten retired from football and wholesale jerseys from china became a nephew for less than a year.

US Time May 3, 2018, Jason announced his retirement and joined ESPN’s “Monday Late Rugby” program as an explanation. US Time Thursday, he announced that he will re-enter the rivers and lakes, re-join Dallas cowboy and prepare for the 16th season of your career.

“I will continue to play rugby and competition in the heart,” Jason said in the statement released through the cowboy official website. “We have a group of rising new stars, I want to help them compete for the championship. This is all my personal decisions, and I feel very good about this. I am very expected to return to the stadium. “According to Jason, Jason will receive $ 5 million from the cowboy.

With Jason’s regression, the offensive group of cowboy has been further enhanced. From May 6 this year, Jason 37-year-old birthday was selected by Dallas Cowgirl at the 2003 draft meeting, after which he spent 15 seasons in the team, two times selected for the best lineup Entry, wholesale jerseys 11 times.

Before he announced his retirement last year, Jason’s career was shared by 1152 times, promoted 12488 yards, and 68 battles reached. His number of balls ranked 4th in wholesale nfl jerseys from china history.

After Jason announced, the location of the cowboy is once a unstable factor of the team attack, and the team has lost Jason and External Hands after DEZ BRYANT. No reliable alternative In the case of entering the training camp.

Cowboys took off the outer handle Machael Gallup at last season, and traded Amari Cooper in the transaction deadline. However, in the near-terminal position, the team and a stable output point like Jason, wholesale jerseys Brake Jarwin, a total of 27th, a total of 27 codes, promoted 307 yards, gain 3 A ball reaches.

Jason’s regression will undoubtedly be warmly welcomed by Dak Prescott and the entire cowboy.

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