What to Look for When Hiring a Professional Roof Cleaner

Your roof is an funding in your home, so make sure you are selecting the most effective roof cleaner for the job. High-pressure pressure washing gadgets, toxic chemicals and walking in your roof improper, can all damage your roof and reduce it’s lifespan. In addition, while it is always smart to get a number of bids on a roof cleaning job, remember that the lowest bid is not always the best. An unreliable roof cleaner might lower prices by hiring inexperienced workers, not carrying insurance or using the quickest (not the safest and simplest) way to get the job done. Price, nonetheless, is only one factor to consider when selecting a roof cleaner. Knowing the important inquiries to ask will enable you to discover the best one.

How lengthy have you been in business?

A disreputable firm is not going to remain in business for long, so discovering a roof cleaner who has been in business for a while means you’ll be able to count on their workmanship. Another advantage of an established firm is expertise – the longer a roofing cleaner has been in enterprise, the more experience the workers have. Most importantly, an established firm shouldn’t be likely to disappear overnight and leave you with any grievances or a valueless warranty.

Are you licensed and insured?

A reputable roof cleaner contractor ought to carry insurance, especially Workers’ Comp code 5551 (which allows a worker to work on roofs) and liability coverage. Please do not forget that Power Washing Workers’ Comp code (9014) doesn’t cover a worker when working on a roof. Hiring a contractor without adequate insurance can depart you open to liability for injured workers, as well as the expense of paying for any damages the contractor might do to your property. A few hundred dollars can quickly flip into tens of thousands if an uninsured worker falls off your roof. Without a license you change into the employer. In addition, your contractor mustn’t mind showing you a license. In fact Florida requires any roof cleaner to be licensed in an effort to protect consumers from fraud and substandard work.

How do I know your employees will do an excellent job?

Walking on a tile roof requires specialized skills. Effectively cleaning your roof means killing the mold and algae not blasting it off the roof onto your other surfaces with high-pressure tactics. High-pressure pressure roof cleaning will additionally place undo stress on your roof supplies – this can cause the underlay to rip, thus creating leaks. A good contractor’s workers will have the proper training to care for you roof properly and the landscaping that surrounds it.

Do you could have references?

Some vital questions to ask references include if the work was completed correctly and on time, if there have been any hidden prices, and if the contractor honors its workmanship with a guarantee or warranty. An excellent contractor will not hesitate to refer you to satisfied customers. Keep in mind that sad clients probably will not be included on the list, so make sure you check with your local Higher Enterprise Bureau to see if there are any complaints filed against the company. Read opinions on unbiased sites like Google, Yelp, Angie’s list and more. Repeated references to the identical concern may spell a problem.

What am I paying for?

Do not just settle for a verbal quote. A great contractor will put it in writing and spell it out in a contract. Every roof is completely different, from how old the roof is, to sq. footage to how dirty it is (it will not be as soiled as you think!). Be wary of on-line or over the phone estimates – get the worth in writing with no clause it can change as soon as they get to your property. An excellent contractor will visit your property before giving you an estimate or contract so there are no surprises and everyone seems to be happy.

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