What to Know About Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic cannabinoids, additionally called artificial marijuana or fake weed, have been utilized by many as an alternative to marijuana since products were first launched in 2002. Despite the fact that these man-made products had been created in laboratories to assist scientists examine the cannabinoid system in the human brain, they typically claim to be made of “natural” materials from quite a lot of plants.

Also Known As: There are relyless fake weed products being sold as herbal smoking blends, legal bud, herbal smoke, marijuana options, fake weed, or herbal buds. This makes it difficult for fogeys and different adults to identify them. Among the model names embody Blaze, Blueberry Haze, Dank, Demon Passion Smoke, Genie, Hawaiian Hybrid, K2, Magma, Ninja, Nitro, Ono Budz, Panama Red Ball, Puff, Sativah Herbal Smoke, Skunk, Spice, Ultra Chronic, and Voodoo Spice.

Artificial marijuana typically comprises a mix of dried leaves from traditional herbal plants. They are various colors, together with green, brown, blonde, and red, and often sold in small packets approximately two by three inches. The packets are sometimes colorful foil packs or plastic zip bags. Some online sellers of authorized fake weed products achieve this with disclaimers like “not for human consumption.”

What Does Synthetic Marijuana Do?

Fake weed works on the same brain cell receptors as THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that gets you high). It is typically smoked, brewed in tea, or vaped.1 Many of those products are legally marketed as “herbal incense” or “potpourri.”

Some individuals who use herbal buds say that it produces a high much like that of marijuana, but it doesn’t final as long. Others experience a relaxed feeling, quite than the “head high” that real marijuana produces. Additionally of note is the “harsh” style, which individuals say “makes your throat burn and your lungs ache” long after you smoke.

Since there aren’t any standards for making, packaging, or selling synthetic weed, it’s inconceivable to know the type and quantity of chemicals in every product as well as what the fake weed will do to you.

Contrary to widespread belief, herbal bud isn’t “natural marijuana.” It’s created from any of several hundred man-made artificial chemical compounds which are sprayed onto the chopped plant material.

Synthetic marijuana can also be far more potent, containing THC analogs or synthetic cannabinoids that can be as much as 600 instances more potent than THC found in marijuana.9 Often, additives, poisonous impurities, and different types of medicine are also present in fake weed products.

How lengthy synthetic cannabinoids stay in your system will depend on several factors, together with the type, how it is administered (i.e., inhaled or ingested), quantity consumed, and frequency of use. Since these synthetic medication do not set off a positive result on most traditional urine drug tests,10 many individuals turn to those drugs in an try to avoid positive drug screens for employment, rehab, or authorized reasons.

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