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Quartz Sankam-Newton released video to Carolina

After signing the contract with the New England wholesale nfl jerseys online Patriot, Cam Newton officially bid farewell to Carolina.

After signing the news is reported, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping Newton promises to “release the content” on his decision. On Monday night, he posted a video of more than 5 minutes on Youtube.

Most of this video come from the video released on March 17, which comes again to talk about the decision of the Black Panther to allow him to seek transactions.

“Now, I feel angry, I am disappointed,” Newton said. “But at the same time, I am not worrying. Do you know what I mean? Since I came to this alliance, I would know that this day will come.”

He also said: “Don’t believe in rumors. I never want to leave Carolina. Don’t let them believe in anything else. This is their decision.”

Then the video inserted some Newton in the black panther, wholesale nfl jerseys for sale the most excellent performance in the field, with the Boyz II Men “difficult to say goodbye to yesterday” as a background music.

The video was then played with the rehabilitation fragment in the offset period, including the scene he received in the injury. In the end, the video agreed to join the patriot to end. At the end, Newton, who was full of sweat explained his decision: “Oh, this is awesome. Now I have a lot of ideas, but I will say short: I am coming.”

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