What Is a Ghost and How To Know If You Have One in Your Home!

What is a Ghost?

I do not always see ghosts, however I sense and feel them, hear them and generally even odor them. When we physically die, our souls go away our our bodies, and most of the time we move on to the other side. Once in a while a soul will choose, for one reason or one other, not to go to the opposite side. It will select to remain right here on earth, changing into an earthbound spirit or ghost. Our souls are made up of energy. A ghost might have the appearance of our physical body only clear like a watercolor. Souls can even seem as a streak of light or a ripple of energy, much like a heat mirage. When a soul appears it might also have on clothing just like that which it wore in life. There are numerous reasons why ghosts choose to not go to the other side.

We’re in death as we are in life and ghosts are as assorted of their personalities as are the living. The souls that stay behind are a small number compared to those that cross over and move on. The notion that ghosts are harmful and evil just isn’t based mostly in reality. The majority of ghosts are simply unhappy, restless, misplaced and harmless. Keep in mind when dealing with ghosts that you’re the one with a body, you’re the one with power. Deal with them kindly and help them on their way.

Why do Ghosts cling around?

They are afraid to face their creator because of things they did of their life.

They fear they won’t go to heaven so that they fear crossing over.

There may be somebody that has died earlier than them that they don’t wish to see on the other side.

They’re afraid of letting go of their earthbound identity.

They do not know that they’re dead.

They could have had a sudden or violent death.

Some consider there is no life after dying, so when their soul leaves their body they do not know where to go.

They really feel a robust pull of a loved one from this side, so that they keep, thinking they are helping them within the grieving process.

They keep to protect a loved one.

In the event that they die from addiction they may dangle around looking for an additional body to inhabit so they can proceed their drug of choice.

They don’t really feel worthy of going to the opposite side.

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