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We should be clear: Fatal Attraction is a sexy movie before it gets all stalkery, but if you’re looking for wall-to-wall nudity, you’re going to be disappointed. The only hypocrite here is Alex-he’s convinced you that you’re the exception to the women he treats badly, when in fact he’s being just as cavalier and flippant about your feelings as he is about the girls he brings home. Tell him that this isn’t working for you, that the girls he brings over may not be potential long-term girlfriends but that he needs to be honest and upfront with them about having a female roommate, and that he needs to have your back if they speak rudely to you. Tell your husband exactly what you’ve told me-that you’ve seen your stepdaughter reduced to tears because her mother has told her that it’s her job, at 12, to dress to attract boys, and that if she doesn’t she’s “ugly.” You two need to make sure that your stepdaughter knows that what her mother is saying is cruel and untrue. My stepdaughter thrives when she is with my husband and me, even her brother remarks that she is happier and more open here. His brother gunned down 17 people.

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