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Cowboy Run Weide Erodt said that the liability is responsible for

Just in the past Monday night game, cowboy 10-38 defeated the red ramp. Ezekiel Elliott said it is difficult to blame.

Elliott said: “I don’t think it can be used (Dak Prescott) to be used as an excuse. I will repeat it over and over again: I opened the ball twice. Your mistakes are given to the opponent’s right, and they also encouraged them. I would like to say that I am sorry, this losing responsibility is me, I need to become better. ”

Elliott 12 times, advanced 49 yards, cheap jerseys online but also completed 8 battles (up to the team), but only advance 31 yards.

In the process of launching a short pass, cheap jerseys from china he was driven cheap jerseys from china the Baker Baker. In the next cowboy, changed to Jordan Phillips to take the ball cheap jerseys from china Elliott. These two ball translations ended in the end of the Red Pith.

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