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Not surprised? What is it? In 2017, wholesale nfl jerseys for sale regular season started a new journey with a surprise result of the world, and the patriot took 27 more than 45, 15 points. This result was that most people couldn’t imagine, NFLChina, Edited Mr. Ding Zhaoli Tell me: “I think the patriots have almost no chance to win.” When I got a complete game, I agreped with him, and I got some of my opinion:

First, the fourth quarter accident frequently.

Braddy era, the patriot’s home game is only a leading result is 105 wins, only 2 defeat. The fourth quarter of this game was built by the chief 21 to 0, in addition to the true power problem, in fact, some accidents also affect the game:

Unexpected 1: Weak side use area raid, strong side use external line to remove the defense, this is the patriotic usage routine, if Ningkevich has been withdrawn, but the rushing hand from the Hawksman trading – Mash was arranged to remove the anti-Carrim Hunter, which was not a group of reasonable alignment, just being discovered by Alex-Smith, but also used his long history, and It is an accident.

Accident 2: Aman Dora unexpected knee injury in the top three sections, leads to the patriot to attack, this is the second accident.

Accident three: 7 trials of success in the last season 5 successful four-speed conversion, the fourth quarter actually attempted to fail in the vicinity of this half, this is the second four-speed hard extrusion failure.

Accident 4: When the patriots have left behind 8 points, the defensive group is a leaked football, and the continuous negligence is more expensive to disappear in the side line, and he rushed out of the left side from the left. hope. The patriot’s team is “Do Your Job”, but they don’t work in the last moment.

The football field never believes that the fourth patriot is indeed drinking cold water.

Second, the patriot offensive mode is slightly ill

The patriot pave offense is more normal, even extraordinary, three three offensive frontline Joe-Tuni, David-Andrews and Squs-Mason and other defensive front lines in the opposition, plus The outer Gronoski and Dwick-Allen’s excellent outer cover, which makes the running Week-Geelisley fully released their own impact, three gears running James – White fake biography It has been repeatedly roled, and the patriot pave of the first half cut 91 yards.

Due to the chief understanding of the patriot’s offensive mode, it is based on road attack and short-range offensive. Therefore, two security Wei Rick-Berry and Ron-Parker, the chief. Parker pay attention to quickly put the short distance coordination Berry is relatively hard, after all, shouldering the task of staring against Grronzki, the security guards are one of the focus of the anti-running.

At the beginning of the second half, Justin Houston was suddenly awakened, repeatedly supported the inner anti-running, let the patriots still have a high-efficiency road attack failure. Then Houston started the rule, and the rushing was removed once again and again, threatening Braddy, in addition to the three-speed killing, completed the three-speed interception of Oman Dora. The overall defense of the chief has also strengthened the consciousness of mid-circuit anti-run in the second half. The patriot is hard to start from the road. This second half reminds me of the 2012 season US Federation battle against the crow, the road attack can’t be opened, and the light go on the ball attack It’s hard to play.

I said true sick, from the Patriot’s pass attack, in fact, I have two “I didn’t expect”: wholesale Seattle Seahawks jerseys from china 1, the chief let Marcus Pites lock Chris Hogan, not Brandin – Cook, Andy Reed, I am a bigger threat to Hoghbikus. Second, Cook is so big in the opposition of Tailus Mitchell. The rule, once in the end of the end area, but simply, Cook is the last block of the patriots attack.

The Patriot’s passing the ball offensive mode is: 4-point preliminary time holding ball observation, waiting for the external hand and complete the attack. Is this description very familiar? The package is such a guiding ideology. You need to be so cumbersome, and the light can play you! Edelman is seriously injured, Hugegen is “invoking the game”, Cooks will only be single, and Gronoski is not very good at the long pass of the road. The above causes lead the game. The familiar fast festival short biography, the whole team is so happy, and the patriotic is usually rhythmic, the fourth quarter is hurt, plus Justin Houston, the chief of the chief of the sheep. The second half of the second half, this is equivalent to the death penalty of the patriotic attack.

Third, Carrim Hunter and Tatai Hill Super Performance

The great player’s career is not all the way, Brett Falfer career, the first two passes of the career are copy, and the first shock of Hunter career will end the end of the end of the end, but the data time In the point of view, the squid is 148 yards, the ball is 98 yards 2 to stand, so his career is in the long history of the NFL, and it is a surprise. I have written in front of the game, Hunter has some big mistakes in the game, unveiled the day of the day, still has not changed much, and it will immediately reduce the defenders after the contact of the defender, and it seems to be observed. In the second half, Andy Reed made a great adjustment of Hunt’s use, and arranged him more to hold the ball in the offense. He tried vertically attack in the attack, so that he gave him full advantage. The four sections have a 78-yard ball to reach, a 58-yard rush, graining these two contexts, Hunt’s vast show can only be said to be moderate, but the great competition will never have a superstar flash, two Remembering the super performance eventually became a knife that cracked down the patriots.

In the air attack and defense, like Eric Berry, I’m trying to get the gesture of the Guard, the audience, the whole, and bonded the chief of the chief attack threat point Kay. Erxi, snake hits seven inch, Bailecy tries to stop the key gentleman of the other party, the idea is correct, but the game of this game is arranged, Bellchk “Magic High One Foot”, Andy Rid But “Taoism is one foot”.

The forward-looking point is roughly: If the chief is fighting according to the normal routine and the patriot, they are difficult to win, but the game Andy Reed is not going to take the whole script, the chief offensive routine is quite Flower, let the close-end Feng Kel West make a quad-saving, Smith reading the option, there is a unusual quantity of the squad, there is a unique array of running guards in the outside, and below

Among them, the Tarek Hill Run is quite a floating. Original Malmo-Badler hopes to have his “dog skin plaster” near the kicking line, but Hill often listed in the backfinder, let Badle stare against it, San Diego Chargers jerseys from china the long-term weapon of last season, this season turned into all-round warriors. His spirituality even reminds me of Pessi Hawen in the peak period a few years ago. The security Wei Maiki, which is guarded in the third section, is attracted by Kelsea, using the corner Gilmore to protect the god, and Hill will kill the first level from the right side! This is the first leader of the Ai Aika, and let them suddenly realize that we really have the opportunity to take a victory at home at home?

Take a look at the explosive power of the chief attack weapon, with the 40-yard sprint score of the joint training camp: Hunter 4 seconds 62, Chakandrik West 4 seconds 27, Conley 4 seconds 35, Hill 4 seconds 29, De Antoni Thomas 4 seconds 34, the world’s martial arts is not broken, the chief of the small and small spirit finally destroyed the ancestors of the small fast spirit.

Fourth, Braddy is not good

Breddy’s first pass passed the ball, it was missed a long pass, which was a miniature of the entire game. I have just analyzed the second point. The patriot’s offensive mode is not a familiar, but in fact, Buadi, who is 40, has played a quite sluggish game.

The performance of the patrigrant offensive front line is quite excellent in passing the ball, Braddy only suffered 11 times in 40 passes, but in addition to being killed 3 times, the other 8 passed only 4, this Not terrible; when 28 have no pressure pass forward, Braddy only hits 10 goals, which is an important agreement that is obviously unstormal. In addition, in the game, Braddy can be shot last season, and this game is 2.94 seconds. For a long time, it means that the long biography is increased, and the 36-time shot of Braddy is 9 Secondary, plus a foul is canceled, and why have you seen Braddy a long history of two-digit? The long history of 9 pass 2 deeply hurts the continuation of the team attack.

All data indicate that in an unfamiliar system, Braddy played a bad game, stepped into the four-year-old man’s retreat? There are only 19 40 years old or more than 40 years old, and the scope is reduced to more than 40 years old, and only 8 people are left, it can be seen that 40 years old is a hurrican, which is the dusk of the gods. What is the state of Braddi in the future, it will be a focus of the Patriot’s quarter.

5. Alex – Smith leader

If this game Carrim Hunter is the starring “Revenge”, “So Smith is the behind-the-scenes director.

The first half of the chief attack is not allowed to play cards as usual, nor to play any long attack, which is a variety of short-range offensive routines, let Patriots defensive coordinator Mat-Patricia is also a mist. When Patricia worships a trick for many years, the trial: Three people rush + eight people are defensive, this trick makes the killing of Manning, because the eight people are guarded in the backlight The patient and precision requirements of the quadrant are extremely high, and I have written forward: the key point is whether Alex Smith can take care of the pocket center and drive the tear of the other side defense line.

Basic data in this game, Ziths is 35 pass 28 368 yards, if you don’t watch the game, you will even doubt whether it is wrong with Braddy’s data. And advanced data analysis, this field Smith has only experienced 3 kills and 11 times, but Smith hits 5 balls and 1 rendered array; in a state of no pressure, Smith 26 pass 22 in 22 Array! In fact, Smith has averaged 3.06 seconds to pass a pass, which is more than Braddy. He is the biggest difference between the form of Braddy’s game is that Bradi is waiting for the long time to wait for the long way to run the far-reaching route. Smith is abnormal and patiently observed, waiting for a short target to run out of space. “Short pass king” is not good at the long history? The 468 yards 3 in this field is 2 reached! When Smith can make such a long history, the chief is difficult to win the ball.

There is also a detail with irony, four years ago Jim Hubble because Colin-Katnik can play a lot of university-style pistol formation and reading options, so give up the relatively monotonous Smith. After four years, Andy Reed was the transformation of Smith, letting him have a limited-choking of a white-Seattle Seahawks jerseys free shipping, which can also play a fairly diverse attack. Maxima often, Bole is not often available.


The failure of this game is unable to change the reality of the patriot strength, but it is worth noting that the error estimate of the patrioper’s paper strength can be awake, and the blind superstition of Braddy and Belick can be Stopping, facing Andy Reed and Smith’s combination of the opponent. The victory of the Emirates has given a revelation of the Alliance, and the patriot is not a battle, and the first-class command in the short time in the short term is the tips for defeating the patriots.

Finally, it is a picture of the screen of the circle of friends:

Tom Brradi era, lost three seasons (01 quarter, 03 quarterly and 14 quarters), these three season patriots eventually won the super bowl.

In the winter of 1941, the Japanese army sneaked the Pearl Pacific Navy base awakened the Sleeping US Army. In the past seventy years, the Chief of Kansas City may also have a thing and the whole league. Sleeping lion is not terrible, and the beast of the awakened beast is the most gall.

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