The Pikler Arch

At 9 months Otto is pulling up on his Pikler Arch. He typically steps up to the first rail and right now I noticed he put one foot up to the second rail. It takes time, he’s experimenting, he is testing and difficult himself! The Pikler Arch provides a improbable opportunity to meet his developmental needs in a safe and supervised way.

How we use the arch:

Always supervise. I wouldn’t put this in the child’s bedroom. We now have it in his movement/play area, next to our living space which is always supervised.

Have it on or near a soft or padded surface. I wouldn’t put the arch directly on hard tiles. Ours is on a wool rug which works fine. I considered placing a lambswool or thin mattress close by but to this point it’s not needed.

Permit the child to discover it independently. They will use it when they’re ready. There is no such thing as a must incentivize or show them the way to do it and I would never put a child on it. Just make it available!

Why we like the arch:

It’s small. It is good for the child who’s on the very starting of their climbing, they will use it to tug to standing and there is no risk of them getting stuck or climbing too high that they can’t get down. The dimensions and the gap between the rails has been designed for zinnat01 (mouse click the following article) infants from crawling.

Incredible for their muscle development and coordination. Otto is a good climber and he needs to climb. He climbs our stairs, couches, equipment on the playground and the arch is one other avenue for him to explore.

Assists the child to fulfill developmental needs. Climbing, exploring, testing limits and capabilities are real developmental needs. When the child’s developmental wants are met they’re generally more settled, calm and happy.

Assist the child to develop spatial awareness.

Because of the design, it empowers babies. T,he steps are small, they can use the rails to drag up with their fingers, it enables the toddler and allows them to safely use their growing our bodies in new and exciting ways.

It brings joy. The Pikler Arch brings joy to the child after they realize what they’re capable of once they fulfill their aim. I can see Otto beam with pride when he climbs up on it.

Assists children to develop to their full potential.

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