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The raid quarter Wei Karl finger injury does not require surgery

Auckland raids were injured in the training earlier this week, cheap jerseys and the media broke the news. He would choose to receive surgery. However, cheap jerseys from china local time on Wednesday, Carl’s brokers have been rumored, indicating that Carl will not undergo surgery.

The broker said: “There is no serious injury, does not require surgery, he needs to take a good rest. He should choose to stop the ball training in the next 3 weeks.” NFL official website reporter also gave a similar report, and Tricks will choose to re-invest in after the training camp. The training camp of the raid will be opened on June 9.

In addition, Carren’s brokers also expressed dissatisfaction with the media’s untrue report: “I don’t know where the surgery comes from, Carl’s situation, even if it is injured. We just use a cautious The attitude is treated. “The team has also said that injury appeared in May in September. The raid person regards Carl as the cornerstone of the team, and they naturally do not want any potential injury to affect the future of this Napp.

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