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Philadelphia Eagle left truncated Sen-Pites got a salary increase

Jason Peters re-joined the Philadelphia eagle as a striker in this year. However, after the original first left-off, Andre Dillard was reimbursed by the injury season, Pites will return to the left-off position.

Therefore, buy cheap jerseys online Pites in changing position will get a payable treatment.

cheap real jerseys nfl TV Network Reporter Mike Garafolo reported that the eagle rebuilt Pitas’s contract, and now his contract value can be up to $ 8 million, including $ 2 million signature bonus, guaranteed to reach 400 Ten thousand U.S. dollars.

After the original first guard against Brandon Brooks injured season, the eagle re-signed the Pites in July. At that time, Pits and the eagle signed a maximum value of 6 million US dollars and guaranteed revenue reached 3 million US dollars. The eagle’s plan is to let this old will be a sharp strike in his career.

After Dirad was injured, Pites had changed the left trial before got the raise.

Maybe Pites has a high state that has fallen, but he can still block the rush of his opponent. Although the eagle offensive front line is hurt, at least Pites can protect the blind side of the Carson Wentz. And he has also got a salary as a return.

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