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Vanity and insecurity have always been a hard to admit reason for wanting to get jacked. This programme was remarkable in that I put on plates of iron on all my lifts faster than I ever have. In late 2010, I cam across Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 weight lifting programme. What I like about the Wendler’s 5/3/1 programme is its flexibility – you could strength train four times, three times, two times or even once a week, and still progress on your lifts. But most importantly, and I always kept this mind over the last five years of training strength, my goal has been to hide my weakness as a fighter and build up my relative strength to an accessible baseline. Strength has always been my weakness. After a year of starting strength, I also began to incorporate other strength training methods, which I felt at the time were much more important for my martial arts development.

By early 2008 I gained more knowledge about strength training through websites and books and learnt how scientific athletic development needs to be – not in an overly complex sense, but in terms of measuring progress, working with percentages on the bar and numbers of repetitions. Max strength is all I could do. But my max strength stagnated. And, to my surprise, following the end of chemo trreatment in August, my max strength shot-up quickly. For now, I was concentrating on my max strength as much as possible – especially after chemotherapy, which left my red blood cell count and overall cardio-vascular capacity very low. It’s perfect for those for whom strength training is a secondary goal. Along this journey there were obstacles to contend with: injuries, bad programming, conflicting training targets and three months of chemotherapy. Throughout the period of injuries and hospitalisation, and in between barbell training, I maintained my strength by adopting bodyweight training. According to the book, with a barbell and a squat stand, all you need to do was concentrate on four exercises which would correctly train all the muscles you need to get stronger.

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