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Five Predictions on Wholesale Nfl Jerseys Supply in 2021

Shawn Pedon: Passing the new discharge new regulations make coaches more sensible to use challenges

Beijing July 12th, New Orleans Saint Coach Shan Pay Payton believes that his team is ready to come out cheap nfl jerseys from china the loss of the Los Angeles ram, but this game The misunderstanding of the referee has led the alliance to change the transfer of the pass interference video playback rules this year.

The Alliance will make the passage of the mobile interference in the new season test, and the last two minutes of the upper and cheap chinese football jerseys second half will be decided by the value of the value of the value of the value of the value, cheap jersey supply us although it is made The criteria for recording is higher than other words.

In the remaining 56 minutes competition, the team coach must throw the red flag challenge to see it, and Pelton has been asked with how this will affect the challenge of the coach.

“Let’s start with the most basic premise for fans: like other challenges we have now,” Pedon said. “Remember that we only have two challenges. So, I don’t think you will see more challenges in the game. Maybe coaches will use challenges, because they know at least one challenge, if you feel you In the 2 minutes, I think cheap jersey websites that use paypal there is obvious mistake, as a coach you can challenge. Of course, in 2 minutes, then it is determined by the official. Through technology, we can now have a chance to see in real time with the fans. Review process. Especially in such an important game, we hope that the referee can make the correct penalty. “

Pedon may use his challenge more inevitably, but other team coach may not be so cautious. If there is a coach, I finally found that I can’t challenge the evangelistic passing of the disrupt fiction, then the press conference will be very interesting.