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Hyundai buys 80% controlling stake in Boston Dynamics, maker of Spot the robot dog, for $921M

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Pretty soon this piece of nightmare fuel will have a Hyundai logo on it.

Boston Dynamics/Screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Hey, remember those deeply unsettling robot dogs that have been and ? The company that makes them is called Boston Dynamics, and Hyundai just bought an 80% controlling stake in it, Hyundai confirmed on Friday. According to a report published Wednesday by , the deal is worth around $921 million, and Hyundai says this deal now values Boston Dynamics at $1.1 billion.

Yes, the very same Hyundai that’s hammering out eye-catching and affordable for you to buy will now be getting deeper into the robot business with an eye on future mobility. Does this mean we’ll get sooner, or will we get a robot to help us pedal our tandem bikes? We aren’t exactly sure, as Hyundai doesn’t give many details about what this actually means for the two companies.

But Hyundai does say that this deal was made with the goal of “advancing robotics and mobility to realize progress for humanity,” and revitaa pro ingredients that Hyundai “envisions the transformation of human life” through the combination of its mobility expertise and Boston Dynamics’ robots. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard statements like that from Hyundai, as the company already has and mobility vehicles.

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Pilot the Boston Dynamics Spot robot remotely


At the very least, this will probably be a leg up for the company in designing industrial robots or robots meant for use in — as we’ve seen from Boston Dynamics’ non-techno-canine offerings, Handle and .

After the close of this transaction, which is expected in June 2021, Japanese holding company SoftBank will retain a 20% stake in Boston Dynamics. This acquisition is the first to be helmed by Hyundai’s new chairman Chung Euisun since he took the job back in October, and rumors of the buyout have been circulating since early November. 


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Techno Music Lovers Become Mainstream

When it comes to techno music it is safe to say that this type of music has been seen as underground for many, many years and for some it has remained at this level even in 2011.

Of course, the Berlin techno lovers from the past and the present would have a fit if they heard that more and more pop singers have started to introduce the techno vibes in their songs.

The world of music seems to be on a changing mode as more and artists are re-thinking their music in order to attract new fans.

Progress is good, no matter the field and no one can say that hearing something new is not going to be a nice change. Pop singers have started to adopt some mainstream techno vibes into their music. But if their fans like this, no one has found out how hard-core techno lovers think about the new trend in pop music.

Some of the songs that have made it to the Top 20 Pop Music list are and that have some techno elements in them are: Katy Perry: ET, Britney Spears: Till the World Ends, must watch revitaa pro reviews 2021 Lady Gaga: Judas, Taio Cruz feat.

Travie McCoy: Higher, etc. Of course, these are still pop songs but the techno influence is clear if you take the time to listen to these songs. So there are reasons to suspect that techno lovers will surely not appreciate the new tracks however, techno is now not underground music anymore, and it has certainly become more mainstream than it was.

What has gotten into the pop artists, have they decided that it's time for a change now that Lady Gaga is making the rules when it comes to music these days?

With her spectacular outfits and crazy lyrics and PRS guitars surely more and more singers are starting to second doubt their shows. Surely she has been an inspiration for most, if not in matters of music surely in matters of making money. She one of the top earning female musicians in our days and it seems that the other singers have started to turn the page when it comes to making music, mostly because of her.

Techno lovers should be proud that people have started to become more interested in this type of music.

We have to say though that it would have been better for people to discover the techno music through their passion for good sounds and not being pushed from behind by Britney Spears and others.

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Mini Vision Urbanaut concept is a weird neon van with a plant inside

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Yeah, there’s a lot of weird van energy going on here.


At this point, revitaa pro review 2021 we’ve seen wild, nonsensical “urban mobility” concepts from just about every car manufacturer, but one that’s been more or less absent is one from Mini. That changed on Tuesday with the debut of the new Urbanaut concept.

What is the Urbanaut concept? ? This is like that but with less utility and more weird lighting effects. Specifically, it’s a smallish box (14.6 feet in length) on neon-blue wheels with a couch-like bench in the rear called the Cosy Corner, a real living plant and a swiveling driver’s seat (like ). Oh, and it’s electric and autonomous, because it’s a 2020 concept car.

The interior lighting can change to suit one of three Mini Moments which are annoyingly called Chill, Wanderlust and Vibe. These moods are controlled with the Mini Token. Still confused? So are we, but apparently Chill is for when you want to be in the back working or sulking by yourself. Wanderlust is for driving and Vibe is for hanging out with other people in your weird little van-thing.

The Cosy Corner features a couch-like seating area and more LED mood lighting than most people would even know what to do with.


The interior isn’t without its merits, though. For example, Mini says that the dashboard can fold down into a daybed, which sounds kind of cool, and the windshield can fold up to become a Street Balcony, whatever the hell that is. There’s also enough LED mood lighting to open your own college town hookah bar, so you’ll have plenty of ambiance in Vibe mode.

Outside, it’s less successful. The Urbanaut’s wheels are clear, illuminated and change color based on the Mini Moment to which the vehicle is set. The weirdness doesn’t stop there, though. On the driver’s side C-pillar, a screen shows off various Mini Charms that can represent places you’ve traveled or festivals you’ve attended. It’s like #vanlife virtue-signaling.

At the end of the day, with the Urbanaut, Mini is basically just rebranding conversion vans and not in a particularly useful way. Mini might be better off sticking to its roots and building cheeky-looking small cars that are fun to drive and leave .


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How To Develop The Plot When Writing Thriller Novels

When writing a thriller novel, how does the author set up and develop the plot and build more detail?

The plot can start out with one central idea.

Then, it can develop from that idea, as the writing progresses.

Others will take the basic plot concept and map out the plot in detail, before writing. That can be seen as formulaic. Once the plot is mapped out in detail, then some would say that it becomes writing by numbers. Keen readers will see these patterns in many techno thriller novels and in other fiction too.

My preferred approach is to start out with one central idea, and let the story flow. My techno thriller 'Gate of Tears' was based on the extraction of gold from seawater.

Of course, without a planned ending, you don't know how it will end up. With technothrillers most authors will know that the main character will live for another day. Why let him or her live? Well, it enables them to use the character in a sequel.


'Gate of Tears' is set mainly in the Middle East, where the Strait known as the 'Bab el Mandeb' – its Arabic translation – guards the southern entrance to the Red Sea. There is action in Alaska and Australia besides the Yemen, and the geography helped the plot development.

It would probably be more difficult for me to write a thriller novel that was set in a fairly constrained environment – say a prison.

Then there are other challenges. How can an author deal with a stage in the story where a character has come to an impossible situation? Well, firstly, the author backtracks. Backtracking, Revitaa pro or 'unwriting' is not for me – that's cheating myself and also loses an opportunity for deeper plot evolution. So, I wait and think, and sometimes it takes a few weeks to work out an answer (even by adding in some relevant context earlier in the book).

I'll take a notebook and go for a walk. And another walk.

Another issue is 'what happens next'?

A writer could do use Luke Rhinehart's device in 'The Diceman' – identify some options and let the dice decide. It's an approach I haven't used myself, though I do think about options. That's the creative bit.

A fairly recent approach is to let the readers decide, publishing a few chapters at a time and inviting reader comments. I don't favour that.

Technology Influence

With techno thrillers there are other ways of plot development, because the technology itself can tell a story. And, then, if the author has some nous, the writer can extrapolate existing technology. I have a science news blog feed which I follow, and that unearths new technology for me.

Recently, I saw a film of the new Honda robot which can hop on one leg and pour a drink. It was scary, and the weapons possibilities are disturbing (or not – maybe they'd save lives). It's not sci-fi, it's real and here for topical thriller authors now.

The approaches I describe here all help the plot develop , whilst allowing room for the mystical creative aspect. My favourite though, is when I tell the main character 'Now, get out of that”!

James Marinero is the author of ‘Gate of Tears’ – a topical techno thriller set in the Middle East. Espionage, aerial action, gold market manipulation – the

Netflix’s Sexy Beasts episode 5 recap: ‘Techno prince warrior poet’

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Mantis meets dolphin.


It’s the dating life aquatic on episode 5 of . Nina, must watch revitaa pro reviews 2021 an administrative assistant from San Diego, has in my opinion one of the more unsettling prosthetics. She’s a dolphin, complete with fin and blowhole. She wants a cowboy. “I really love the idea of just living out on a big farm with my cowboy and some horses,” she says, as if the cowboy will go into a temperature-controlled cabinet every evening for storage. 

Vying for Nina’s dolphin attentions is Mick, a holistic health practitioner from Los Angeles. Mick’s a rhino. He’s also my nightmare. I’ll let him tell you why: “I am the techno prince warrior poet monkey man spiritual cowboy on the hero’s journey to liberate human kind.”

You can find the rest of our recaps below:

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Reader, I mashed the pause button and just yelled “STOPPPPP” at the TV. It gets better. He apparently practices something he calls “sex kung fu,” which feels like it’s possibly deeply offensive to traditional practitioners of kung fu, and also something I won’t be Googling to gauge the validity of. (Can I get a sensitivity reader in here?)

Following Mick is Dominic, a model from London masquerading as a mantis. He loves to party and says he gets told ALL the time that his personality is elite. Right. Sure. ALL THE TIME. So many people. 

Rounding out the trio is Dustin, a student from Texas who’s dressed as a scarecrow. He likes guns, horses and boots! Hot diggity. Ole Dustin here sounds like a cowboy. Oh boy.

Once the speed dates get going, Nina immediately zeroes in on those boots. 

“He’s such a guy, and that’s really hot,” she says, not just lowering the bar but completely removing it. Her read on Mick? He pays attention to her, which she likes. GIRL. Raise your standards. Dominic tells her that he found himself in Cancun at a wet T-shirt contest while on Spring Break.

In the end, she sends Dustin home because, get this: wearing boots is not an adequate indicator of compatibility.

In the wake of the cowboy debacle, Dominic and Nina go bowling, where they try to slide belly first down the lane, a thing that doesn’t work. On the other hand, she and Mick go on a ride in the country in a horse drawn carriage, an experience she says is “straight out of my dreams.” To be clear, she still has a fin on her head. They end up meditating while getting beers. She gets foam all over her nose. STRAWS, PEOPLE.  Also, he uses “chi” and “lovey-dovey” in the same sentence. So. Yeah. 

And yet. AND YET, she picks Mick. At least he offers her his jacket. Cough, JAMES.