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If you feel like you’ve had your fill of one sexy girl on cam, feel free to move on to the next at no cost. Watch our live porn shows for free. Watching porn was the rabbit hole through which I developed some really dark fetishes or, at least, it increased their authority over me. Of course.” Nerves spun in his stomach. That was her voice, unmistakable. “Jesus, Sage, why’re you hiding in the dark like that? You’re not hiding behind the mask anymore, so you should be good. You’re paying me more than a million and a half a year until 2017 to CARRY your company! Gavin: Anyway, I’d love to talk some more but… Gavin: I wouldn’t worry so much about that. For schools lessons we are not told how much the school pays and just get paid a set value (not allowed to tell I think and not the greatest), but for private lessons without schools (having the students or parents approach us directly), we tend to get around 50-60% of what they pay and on the long run it can be quite exhausting to tutor especially students who have clearly been forced to be taught by their parents, but the pay does add up quite well.

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