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Every James Bond movie ranked: The best and worst of 007

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Sean Connery as James Bond in Dr. No.

Sunset Boulevard / Contributor

There have been 26  movies in total over the course of an incredible six decades. , the final one to star  as 007, hits theaters later this year

James Bond has quite a legacy, and while the legendary secret agent franchise has brought us countless thrills, it’s had some dud moments, too. So what’s the best ? Glad you asked. We’ve got answers.

While you’re waiting for No Time to Die, you can satisfy your by revisiting the , from ‘s debut in in 1962 all the way to Craig’s most recent outing, . It’ll be a fun look back, seeing how Eon Productions made the superspy an emblem of the times, an avatar of style and a , with six different actors taking their turn as Bond.

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The latest plot twist for the long-running Bond franchise: In May, tech titan , the venerable Hollywood studio that oversees the 007 movies.

If you don’t know where to start with the Bond films, be sure to check out our .

Or you can check out the movie rankings below, from worst to best. It’s based on an , specific to when the movies came out, as compiled by CNET sister site Metacritic. The list accounts for every theatrical release, not just the 24 from Eon Productions but also two noncanonical entries — the 1967 version of Casino Royale, a trippy turn with multiple actors playing Bond (David Niven chief among them), and 1983’s Never Say Never Again, with Connery in his second comeback.

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It doesn’t, however, include the 1954 version of Casino Royale, a 50-minute TV playhouse production that introduced Ian Fleming’s hero to the world as “Jimmy” Bond, an American secret agent. You can find that on YouTube, if you’re curious. 

Otherwise, we’ve got the whole litany of actors who’ve played Bond in the official franchise — besides Connery and Craig, that’s , , Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan.

.subtext-iframemax-width:540px;iframe#subtext_embedwidth:1px;min-width:100%;min-height:256px;James Bond movies ranked, from worst to best

26. A View to a Kill

Keith Hamshere/Getty Images

According to the critical consensus, Roger Moore isn’t just the star of the worst James Bond movie — — he’s the star of the worst James Bond movies, period. When combined and averaged, his 007 films produce a franchise-low Metascore of 53.7.

was Moore’s seventh and final 007 movie. His co-stars included Christopher Walken as gleefully murderous villain Max Zorin and Grace Jones as Bond baddie (and eventual ally) May Day. The plot that Bond has to foil: Zorin’s scheme to destroy Silicon Valley so he can control the market for computer chips.

“The James Bond series has had its bummers, but nothing before in the class of this one,” Pauline Kael wrote for The New Yorker.


25. The Man With the Golden Gun


As far as critics are concerned, , Moore’s second outing as 007, is another bottom-dweller in the James Bond franchise. “If you enjoyed the early Bond films as much as I did, you’d better skip this one,” Nora Sayre wrote in The New York Times.

, featuring Christopher Lee as the Bond villain and rival marksman Scaramanga and eventual Fantasy Island star Herve Villechaize as his henchman Nick Nack, grossed $97.6 million worldwide, the weakest box-office performance by any of the Roger Moore 007 films.


24. Casino Royale (1967)

LMPC / Getty Images

features a multitude of actors as James Bond. But more 007s do not make things merrier — or better. Variety called this version of Casino Royale “a film of astounding sloppiness” and “an insult to the Bond name.” 

This is one of the two noncanonical, non-Eon films in our rundown. (And for Bond completists — sorry, we’re not including the 1954 television production of Casino Royale, which portrayed our hero as Jimmy Bond, and an American to boot.)

, featuring David Niven, Peter Sellers and Orson Welles, grossed a Bond-worst $41.7 million worldwide.


23. Tomorrow Never Dies

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

The first of the four Pierce Brosnan Bond movies in this list gets credit for giving Michelle Yeoh an early Hollywood showcase — but for little else. According to Salon’s Charles Taylor, “scores zero in suspense, wit or class.”

When averaged, Brosnan’s four James Bond movies post a 57.5 Metascore, the second-lowest among 007 actors who have starred in at least four movies. 

At the box office, , featuring Jonathan Pryce as villain Elliot Carver, grossed $339.5 million worldwide. That’s on par with, but on the low end of, the other films of the Brosnan era.


22. For Your Eyes Only


Critics are kinder, if still cool, to Roger Moore’s fifth 007 adventure. In the Chicago Sun-Times, critic Roger Ebert wrote that “is a competent James Bond thriller …[b]ut it’s no more than that.”

Aside from its reviews, is a success of the Roger Moore era: It earned an Oscar nomination for its Sheena Easton-crooned title song, and it grossed $195.3 million worldwide — the second-best box office showing for a Moore installment. 


20 (tie). The Spy Who Loved Me

LMPC/Getty Images

Nominated for a franchise-best three Oscars, nonetheless rated mixed reviews from critics. “After the opening sequence,” Newsweek’s Maureen Orth wrote, “much of the action in The Spy Who Loved Me … is somewhat downhill.”

, featuring the first of two franchise appearances by Richard Kiel as the villainous Jaws, grossed $185.4 million worldwide, making it one of the biggest box office hits of its release year.   


20 (tie). Live and Let Die


Roger Moore’s first James Bond movie is, well, another middling effort — at least per the critics. In retrospect, may have suffered by comparison with the just-concluded Sean Connery era.

“[E]ven the art direction — long the Bond films’ real secret weapon — seems to have fallen to a shrunken budget,” the Chicago Reader’s Dave Kehr wrote. “Not much fun.”

At the box office, , co-starring Geoffrey Holder as the voodoo-practicing henchman Baron Samedi and Yaphet Kotto as head bad guy Katanga/Mr. Big, and featuring the hit title song by Paul McCartney’s Wings, was a big step up from the Sean Connery film that preceded it, Diamonds Are Forever. Live and Let Die grossed $161.8 million worldwide.


19. Die Another Day


The final Pierce Brosnan James Bond film may have introduced the invisible car, but critics think of  as a retread, not an innovator. “Surely it will not be giving things away to tell you there’s absolutely nothing new about the latest episode,” Desson Thomson wrote in The Washington Post.

Co-starring then-reigning Oscar winner Halle Berry as Bond girl Jinx Johnson, with Monty Python’s John Cleese as Q, and featuring the hit title track by Madonna, grossed more money than any other Pierce Brosnan 007 film: $431.9 million worldwide.


18. The World Is Not Enough

Keith Hamshere/Sygma/Getty Images

is the third Pierce Brosnan James Bond film. “This keeps one reasonably amused, titillated, and brain-dead for a little over two hours,” Jonathan Rosenbaum wrote in the Chicago Reader.

grossed a solid $361.7 million at the worldwide box office. It co-stars Robert Carlyle as the villain Renard, who feels no pain; Sophie Marceau as the strikingly conflicted Elektra King; and Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist. 


16 (tie). Licence to Kill


The second — and final — James Bond movie of the Timothy Dalton era gets good marks as an action movie, but not necessarily as a 007 movie. “James Bond might as well be any of a dozen movie cops,” the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Joe Pollack wrote of .

, featuring Robert Davi as the drug lord villain Sanchez, Carey Lowell as Bond girl Pam Bouvier and a young Benicio del Toro as a henchman, grossed $156.2 million worldwide — a big drop at the box office compared with Dalton’s debut 007 film.


16 (tie). Quantum of Solace


To date, is the worst-reviewed of the 007 Daniel Craig era. “Quantum of Solace may be explosive with images of fiery infernos,” Film Threat’s Jay Slater wrote, “but it’s convoluted and confusing.” 

On the whole, the Craig-led Bond films boast a Metascore average of 69.8, making his movies the second-best reviewed 007 movies of all time.

On one hand, , co-starring Mathieu Amalric as Bond villain Dominic Greene, is the fourth-biggest-grossing James Bond movie of all time, with $591.7 million in worldwide ticket sales. On the other hand, the film is the lowest-grossing James Bond film starring Daniel Craig. 


15. Diamonds Are Forever


The lowest-ranked Sean Connery film in this rundown is the Scotsman’s sixth Bond project — and the last one that the iconic star made before taking a 12-year 007 hiatus. According to critics, was evidence of a franchise in need of new blood. 

The New Yorker’s Pauline Kael called the film an “unimaginative Bond picture that is often noisy when it means to be exciting.”

co-stars Charles Gray as arch-villain Blofeld and Jill St. John as Bond girl Tiffany Case, and features Putter Smith and Bruce Glover as the archly menacing Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint, respectively. Among the Sean Connery 007 installments, the movie grossed a middling $116 million worldwide.


13 (tie). Spectre


, the most recently released James Bond movie, is “filled with big sets, big stunts, and what ought to be big moments,” Matt Zoller Seitz noted for RogerEbert.com, “but few of them land.”

co-stars Christoph Waltz in a new take on the old reliable Bond villain Blofeld, with Ralph Fiennes taking over as M, and like Skyfall, delves deeper into Bond’s origin story. It grossed a whopping $879.6 million worldwide, the second-biggest take for the franchise.


13 (tie). The Living Daylights

Keith Hamshere/Getty Images

This 1987 Timothy Dalton entry, download rajawaliqq apk the first of his two turns as James Bond, wins points from critics for not being a Roger Moore entry. “After the fizzle of the later Roger Moore Bonds,” Empire’s Kim Newman wrote, ” brings in a new 007 … who manages the Connery trick of seeming suave and tough at the same time.”

outgrossed its predecessor, Roger Moore’s A View to a Kill, by nearly $40 million, for a worldwide box office total of $191.2 million.


11 (tie). On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Sunset Boulevard/Getty Images

This 1969 film, which marks , is a pretty good 007 entry, per critics. While the New Yorker’s Pauline Kael found its star “quite a dull fellow,” she called the movie “exciting.”

broke new ground: It featured a James Bond wedding, with Diana Rigg as 007’s feisty but ill-fated bride, Tracy di Vincenzo. At the box office, though, the film fell flat with an $82 million worldwide gross.


11 (tie). You Only Live Twice

Express Newspapers/Getty Images

marks Sean Connery’s fifth outing as James Bond. Chicago Sun-Times critic Roger Ebert saw signs of wear: “Connery labors mightily,” Ebert wrote.

For a Sean Connery James Bond movie,  grossed a so-so $111.6 million worldwide. The film is nonetheless influential: Its cat-petting iteration of Blofeld (played by Donald Pleasence), complete with villain’s hideaway in a volcano, inspired the Austin Powers franchise’s Dr. Evil.  


10. Octopussy


According to critics, is Roger Moore’s second-best James Bond movie. “It soars, all right, but it does it on automatic pilot,” wrote Jay Scott for Toronto’s Globe and Mail.

, co-starring Maud Adams in her second franchise outing (after The Man with the Golden Gun), as the titular character, grossed a solid $187.5 million worldwide.


9. Thunderball

LMPC/Getty Images

According to critics, is a lesser Sean Connery 007 entry, but a worthy entry overall. “[It] still effortlessly plies the glory Bond years, concluding with a stunning underwater battle,” wrote Empire’s Kim Newman.

is the top-grossing Sean Connery 007 movie of the 1960s and 1970s: It took in $141.2 million in worldwide ticket sales. It also provided the template for Connery’s final James Bond outing nearly two decades later, Never Say Never Again.


8. GoldenEye


The is the best Pierce Brosnan Bond movie, per critics. “New Bond man Brosnan can’t be faulted for much,” Desson Thomson wrote in The Washington Post. “In this new venture, he’s appropriately handsome, British-accented and suave.”

featured Sean Bean as a double-0 agent turned bad guy, Famke Janssen as Bond girl Xenia Onatopp and Judi Dench in her first turn as Bond boss M. It grossed a then-huge $356.4 million worldwide. Pent-up demand may have helped: The 1995 film was the first James Bond movie since Timothy Dalton’s License to Kill, released six years prior.


7. Moonraker


Released in 1979, two years after Star Wars changed just about everything in Hollywood, the sees 007 sent to outer space. Critics non-ironically cheered. “Moonraker is a satisfying blend of familiar ingredients,”  wrote The Washington Post’s Gary Arnold.

, co-starring Lois Chiles as astronaut Holly Goodhead (yes, really), is the ninth-biggest-grossing James Bond movie of all time, with $210.3 million in worldwide ticket sales. 

Overall, Moonraker is the best-reviewed Bond movie of the Moore era. 


6. Never Say Never Again

Sheila Penn/Getty Images

The top-grossing Sean Connery Bond movie, this 1983 film is also one of the better-reviewed Bond movies. 

marked Connery’s final 007 appearance and, from a critical standpoint, seems to have benefited from having been released during the reviled tail end of the Roger Moore era. 

“It is good to see Connery’s grave stylishness in this role again,” Time’s Richard Schickel wrote. “It makes Bond’s cynicism and opportunism seem the product of genuine worldliness (and world weariness) as opposed to Roger Moore’s mere twirpishness.”

Despite the presence of Connery, who first embodied Bond on the big screen, this movie wasn’t from Eon Productions, making it the second of the two non-canonical films in our list.


5. Dr. No

Andrew Matthews/PA Images via Getty Images

, released in 1962 (though it didn’t arrive in the United States until 1963), is one of the best James Bond movies, per critics. “Sean Connery excellently puts over a cool, fearless, on-the-ball, fictional Secret Service guy,” Variety praised.

, featuring Ursula Andress as original Bond girl Honey Ryder (yes, really), was one of 1963’s Top 10 box-office hits. It grossed $59.6 million worldwide.


4. Casino Royale


The first Daniel Craig James Bond movie, blew away critics with its new take on the spy saga. “[Craig’s] Bond is at least the equal of the best ones before him, and beats all of them in sheer intensity,” The Wall Street Journal’s Joe Morgenstern raved.

The opening minutes of the film reveal how Bond earned his double-0 rating, and for fans of the Ian Fleming novels, it manages to both stay true to the 1953 book and adapt that story for audiences a half-century later.

The 2006 film grossed a then-franchise-best $594.4 million worldwide. 


3. Skyfall


The top-grossing James Bond movie to date, with a worldwide take of more than $1.1 billion, this 2012 film is, according to critics, the best Daniel Craig 007 movie — and that’s not all.  

” is one of the best Bonds in the 50-year history of moviedom’s most successful franchise,” James Adams wrote in Toronto’s Globe and Mail.

The film won the series’ first two Oscars since 1964’s Goldfinger; it claimed statuettes for sound editing and for Adele’s title song. 


2. From Russia With Love

LMPC via Getty Images

The second James Bond movie is, per the critical consensus, the second-best James Bond movie ever. The New Yorker’s fabled Pauline Kael praised : “Exciting, handsomely staged, and campy.”

, featuring Lotte Lenya as Bond baddie Rosa Klebb and Robert Shaw as the SPECTRE assassin gunning for Bond, grossed $78.9 million worldwide, a take that represented significant growth over Dr. No, and firmly established 007 as a franchise to watch.


1. Goldfinger

Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

Here it is: This 1964 Sean Connery entry is, per the critical consensus, the best James Bond movie. It had all the elements we’ve come to expect: the megalomaniac villain with an outrageous and murderous scheme, the henchman with a quirky method for killing (Oddjob and his hat), big set pieces with extravagant action, Bond in a dinner jacket.

“Larger than life, faintly ridiculous, completely cool, Goldfinger is the quintessential James Bond movie,” Empire’s Ian Freer wrote.

The film grossed a then-franchise-best $124.9 million worldwide, and won the franchise’s first Oscar (for sound effects). 


James Bond movies in chronological order

In the official Bond canon — the films made by Eon Productions — there are 25 films, including the upcoming No Time to Die. Because of licensing issues, there were two other, non-canonical movies: the 1967 version of Casino Royale, and Sean Connery’s final outing, 1983’s Never Say Never Again.

Sean Connery (1962) (1963) (1964) (1965) (1967)David Niven, among others


George Lazenby (1969)Sean Connery, first comeback

(1971) Roger Moore (1973) (1974) (1977) (1979) (1981)Sean Connery, second comeback


Roger Moore, still on his run

(1983) (1985)Timothy Dalton (1987) (1989)Pierce Brosnan (1995) (1997) (1999) (2002)Daniel Craig (2006) (2008) (2012) (2015) (2021)

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That was it for Los Angeles starter Walker Buehler, who allowed five runs on seven hits in 3 2/3 innings.

He struck out two without walking a batter.

Los Angeles responded in the fifth. Mookie Betts walked, Corey Seager singled and Trea Turner walked to load the bases. Marquez then walked Max Muncy to bring home a run and end his night.

Robert Stephenson (2-1) came on and gave up a sacrifice fly to Justin Turner to tie it at 5-5, but Blackmon threw out Trea Turner at second for a double play.

Marquez allowed five runs on six hits while walking four and fanning four in four-plus innings.

Colorado retook the lead in the bottom of the inning.

Rodgers singled and Blackmon was hit by a pitch, leading to the Dodgers removing reliever Justin Bruihl (0-1) in favor of Brusdar Gaterol. Story followed with a go-ahead single.

The Rockies padded the lead in the seventh. Blackmon reached on an error by pitcher Alex Vesia and scored from first on Cron’s double, his second of the night and fourth in the last two games.

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iOS 15 hidden tricks: Make the most of Apple’s new iPhone features

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Your iPhone is full of hidden features, and iOS 15 has some. 

James Martin/CNET

is now widely , with support for iPhone models as far back as the iPhone 6S through to 2021’s . The software update include several new features and enhancements for the and , such as a new , and , iMessage tweaks and a revamped Safari experience. 

Read more:

My favorite part about the new software is all of the hidden features that Apple didn’t trumpet, though. For example, the new Live Text tool isn’t only available when you’re dealing with photos — you can use it to scan documents or text into any text field. Below is the start of my running list of favorite hidden features in iOS 15 and link rajawaliqq iPadOS 15. 

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Now playing:

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iOS 15 best features: How Focus mode improved my iPhone


Use your iPhone’s camera to scan any text

Have you ever wished you could point your iPhone’s camera at a sign or piece of paper and have it automatically identify and then copy the text into an email or a document? With iOS 15, it’s possible and incredibly cool. 

To use the iPhone’s new “scan text” tool, long-press inside a text field as if you’re going to use the copy-and-paste prompt. Only, you’ll now see a Scan Text button. You may also see a button that uses just the scan icon, which looks like a piece of paper with brackets around it. 

Apple added a text scanner to the iPhone, no matter what app you’re using. 

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Tap the button, which will replace your keyboard with your iPhone camera’s viewfinder. Point your camera at whatever you want to scan, and then follow the prompts on the screen. For instance, if you’re moving the camera too fast, you’ll see a “Slow Down” message flash on the screen. 

As you’re lining up the camera and text just right, you’ll see a live preview of the text your iPhone is identifying and ready to place in your document. Tap the Insert button when you’re ready. 

This is a neat and easy way to quickly scan an email address off a business card, a phone number on a sign or, as you can see in the screenshots above, scan the back of a book and insert it as one giant block of text. 

You don’t have to live with the address bar on the bottom of the screen in Safari. 

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Move Safari’s address bar back to the top of your screen

Apple has made a lot of changes to Safari for the iPhone and iPad throughout the beta process. One of the major changes you’ll notice after installing the update on your iPhone is that the address bar with all of its included functionality has been moved to the bottom of the screen. 

The idea is that by moving the address bar to the bottom it’s easier to get around Safari and browse the web because all of the buttons are closer to your thumb, but the change won’t be ideal for everyone. And Apple is giving you a choice in the matter by allowing you to move the address bar back to the top of the screen. 

Weather alerts for the exact minute it’ll start raining or snowing? Go on, I’m listening. 

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET

When using Safari on your iPhone, tap the Aa button on the address bar (don’t long-press, just a tap is fine). At the top of the menu that shows up you’ll see a new option labeled Show Top Address Bar. Tap it to move the address bar up top.

Now playing:

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We found these amazing features in the iOS 15 beta


Get real-time precipitation alerts from the iPhone’s weather app

When , I immediately hoped that the official iPhone weather app would gain the real-time rain and snow alerts I had come to rely on to keep me dry. Those alerts are making their debut in iOS 15, often arriving a few minutes before Dark Sky’s alerts — which is A-OK with me. 

Once you’re running iOS 15, you can turn on the new precipitation alerts by opening the Weather app, then tapping the three-line icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Next, tap the circle icon with the three dots in the top right corner of the screen followed by Notifications. 

Slide the switch next to My Location to the On position and then tap Done. If you have more cities added to the Weather app, you can turn on alerts for each one. 

The next time rain or snow is getting close to you, your iPhone will alert you a few minutes before it’s going to start. You’ll also receive another alert when the rain is almost finished.

iOS 15 is going to change how you use your iPhone in a lot of ways. 

James Martin/CNET

Drag-and-drop between apps comes to the iPhone

The iPad has long let you drag-and-drop documents, text or pictures between apps. And now, it’s the iPhone’s turn. If you’re going back and forth between Messages and Photos to share pictures from a recent night out with friends, for example, you can now drag them from the Photos app to the Messages app. 

To test out the new feature, open the Photos app and view your recent photos. Don’t tap on a picture to open it full-screen; instead place a finger on the photo and start to drag your finger across the screen. Without lifting your finger when the thumbnail starts to float over the rest of the photos, switch back to the Messages app. 

You’ll see a green circle with a plus sign in it show up on the thumbnail indicating that you can lift your finger and the photo will be placed in the text field, ready for you to send. 

Pretty easy, right? You can use this same technique to attach a document from the Files app to an email. 

You can view all sorts of information about your pictures in iOS 15. 

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET

More information is available about your photos 

I’ve always had to use a third-party app if I wanted to view any of the finer details stored in the EXIF data about a photo I was sent or took myself. Now whenever you’re viewing a photo in the Photos app, you can swipe up on it to open an information view that will detail where you saved the photo from, as well as all of the EXIF information such as shutter speed, location and the camera used. 

The added information is a welcome addition even if you don’t care about all of the finer details. At the very least, being able to see where you saved the picture from (including who sent it to you) is enough. 

You can adjust text size on a per-app basis now. 

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Change the size of text used in specific apps

Currently, you can change the systemwide font size to fit your preference. But with iOS 15, there’s a new tool that lets you change the size of the font on an app-by-app basis. That means for example that you can have the Mail app and Twitter be in different font sizes.

To use the new feature, open the Settings app, then go to Control Center and scroll down until you find the option labeled Text Size by tapping on the green plus sign. 

The next time you’re in an app and you want to adjust the size of the text, open Control Center (swipe down from the top right corner of the screen on an iPhone that has Face ID, or up from the bottom of the screen on an iPhone with Touch ID) and tap the Text Size button. Slide the button at the bottom of the screen to the left side of the toggle to indicate that you only want your changes applied to the app you’re currently using, and then adjust the font size up or down. 

If you haven’t already downloaded iOS 15 to your iPhone, here’s . Or if you want to check out more of the standout features, we have a  too.

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iOS 15 review: New features like focus mode and live text are game-changers

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Whether you’re getting or holding onto a 6-year-old , is to your phone. The new version of iOS was in public beta for months undergoing a variety of tweaks leading to the final release. I’ve been testing iOS 15’s new features, and everything from bigger additions like to smaller changes like pinning conversations to the top of the Messages app has improved my iPhone without disrupting my daily status quo.

On the whole, iOS 15 feels like a continuation of , which felt like a continuation of iOS 13. These three updates are like a movie trilogy, but unlike The Lord of the Rings there isn’t an ominous Eye of Sauron looming over your every move, just Siri. Following in the smart footsteps of iOS 13 and 14, iOS 15 lets you decide how much you want to change your iPhone experience. For instance, in Safari the tab bar can be moved to the bottom of your phone’s screen to make it easier to reach one-handed. If you want that tab bar back at the top where it’s been since 2007, you can tap the AA button and select Show Top Address Bar.

The tab bar in Safari can live at the bottom of your screen in iOS 15.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Visually, iOS 15 doesn’t alter the way your phone looks, or at least not in a big way. This isn’t like the drastic overhaul seen going to . Also, iOS 15 isn’t defined by a couple of giant flashy features. Instead, it’s made up of hundreds of small and medium additions that add up to something more significant. From more ways to personalize your Memoji to the larger visual improvements in Maps, iOS 15 is a vast overhaul of your phone. But instead of trumpeting its changes like a parade of elephants, Apple has quietly tip-toed in improvements to help make your phone better without inconveniencing your existing preferences and workflows.

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When it comes to device support, Apple’s iOS is simply unmatched. If you have an iPhone 6S or the original iPhone SE, iOS 15 will work on your phone. You just might not get all of the new additions. Compare that with Android phones. I can’t think of a 2015 phone from Google, Samsung or Huawei that will be able to run Android 12.

With all of that out of the way, let’s get into a few of my favorite features.

When you first start up your iPhone in iOS 15, you’re greeted by a brand-new welcome screen.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Focus mode in iOS 15 is transformative

Out of everything in iOS 15, Focus mode had the biggest impact on me. Several colleagues describe it as “Do Not Disturb mode on steroids.” Focus lets you filter notifications based on what you’re currently doing, and organize app and widget pages on your iPhone’s home screen to match your activity and state of mind.

With a Focus mode enabled, your status is automatically displayed in Messages for friends to see. It’s kind of like setting an Away status on Slack, but to remind others not to interrupt you. The difference is that a Focus status works system wide across your iPhone, Mac and other devices. You also have the ability to turn off your Focus status so it’s not shared.

Without a doubt, Focus mode on iOS 15 has been had the most impact on how I use my phone.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Third-party app developers can incorporate Focus status in their messaging apps if they choose. This leads to the possibility that your Focus status could work with WhatsApp, Signal or others in the future. Slack will support Focus status when iOS 15 is released.

Setting up or editing a Focus is easily done in Settings. I set up a handful of Focuses including default ones for work and fitness. I made a couple of custom Focuses for cooking and cycling. You can name the Focus anything you like so please don’t judge my rather bland naming scheme for cooking and cycling. You can schedule a Focus to start and end at a certain time or be triggered when you arrive at a location, or you can use Control Center to toggle them on and off at will.

There are so many different ways to customize Focus mode, including who you’ll receive alerts from while in a specific Focus.

Patrick Holland/CNET

When you set up a Focus you can select who can notify you. For my work focus, I limit contact to my boss and co-workers. Like in Do Not Disturb mode, you’ll still receive all your messages and calls, but you’ll only be alerted to the ones from the contacts you specified. Contacts I didn’t specify who try to reach me when I’m using Focus are alerted above the text field in Messages that my notifications are silenced. There is an option for them to “Notify anyway” that will alert me.

You can customize which app pages from your home screen are displayed during a specific Focus. I made an app page that was just for apps I use during work. On it are apps like Slack, Filmic Pro, Voice Memos and a teleprompter app. I left off apps that I knew would distract me like Instagram and Twitter.

You select specific pages of apps to be displayed for a certain Focus. 

Patrick Holland/CNET

When I turn on my work focus, my normal four pages of home screen apps goes down to the one I selected. Since iOS lets you duplicate an app multiple times across different pages on your home screen, you have an infinite amount of possibilities for customization. If I want Slack to be on an app page with work apps, and another app page for commuting, I can do that. It’s also worth remembering that Focus doesn’t delete or disable the apps you’re not using. If I’m in my work Focus and need to hop onto Twitter, I can still access it along with every app on my iPhone via the App Library.

It took a while to get Focus set up and tweaked just right. And if you have a Mac running MacOS Monterey, you might have more finessing to do to make Focus work for you. Focus mode has improved how I use my phone. I feel more purposeful. 

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We found these amazing features in the iOS 15 beta


Portrait mode for FaceTime calls looks great

Portrait mode is not just for your photos anymore. iOS 15 lets you turn on Portrait mode for your FaceTime calls, bringing with it the ability to place an artistic blurry background behind you. Zoom, Skype and other video chat apps allow you to place a blur around you, but Apple’s implementation looks so much better and more natural. Instead of being a wall of blur, Portrait mode mimics the natural out-of-focus falloff you get using a mirrorless camera and fast lens. FaceTime Portrait mode lacks the jagged cutout or a weird halo effect I often see on Zoom. When I tested the feature out, one friend asked if I’d gotten a new phone because the effect looked so good.

FaceTime gets a bunch of significant upgrades in iOS 15. My favorite is Portrait Mode, which makes my background have a beautiful artistic blur.

Patrick Holland/CNET

When you couple Portrait mode along with the spatial audio feature in FaceTime, video calls become even more immersive. Spatial audio grounds the location of the audio source relative to you. Obviously all of the callers are on your phone, but spatial audio spreads them out so they sound like they’re talking to you from your left and right as well as middle. It’s a really neat effect. I noticed it worked best on calls with four people or more.

Notification Summary removes the noise from your iPhone

Notification Summary is like your own personalized dossier filled with curated notifications that aren’t timely or urgent. App notifications can be overwhelming. Up to now managing your notifications has been in large part an all or nothing affair. But iOS 15 allows you to gather useful notifications in one place where you can view them at your own choosing.

For me, instead of constantly being interrupted or distracted even for a moment, Notification Summary collects notifications from apps that I’m interested in but that are not urgent. Then it delivers that collection of notifications to me when I want.

Notification Summary lets you bundle unimportant notifications together and deliver them at a time you chose.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Notification Summary is great for handling those notifications you want but necessarily don’t need to see right away. A good example would be a notification from a game letting you know of an upgrade or, in my case, the New York Times Crossword app alerting me to a new puzzle (OK, that one could be considered urgent).

Notification Summary really changed my relationship with my iPhone. I found myself now allowing notifications from apps I previously opted out of because now I can better manage them.

Live Text is a fantastic way to input text, numbers and websites

When Live Text first came out, I was like, “Oh, it’s Apple’s version of Google Lens.” Yes, they live on the same spectrum but are different. Google Lens is more like Live Text and iOS Spotlight combined. You can use Live Text in real time with your camera or with photos to identify text. It automatically detects if text is present and contextualizes it. And it works with both printed text and handwriting.

If there’s a phone number, you can tap it to dial the number. If there is a Spanish word you can translate it to English. If you have a photo, just tap the Live Text icon on the bottom right to interact with any text in the frame. The interface looks clean and is easy to use. One of my favorite examples was when Live Text identified text on a wrinkled T-shirt I was wearing in a photo.

Live Text even picked out the name Tom Waits on my t-shirt despite it being bunched up.

Patrick Holland/CNET

iOS 15 features not available at launch

There are several iOS 15 features that won’t be available at launch, but I want to highlight two. The first is the ability to add identification cards like your driver’s license to your iPhone’s wallet. When I first heard about this feature I was skeptical. But after losing my wallet, I wish I had my driver’s license in my iPhone’s Wallet app as a backup.

The other thing I’m excited about is SharePlay. When you’re on a FaceTime call, SharePlay lets you listen to music or watch a movie or TV show together and in sync with your friends. You can even share your screen. I tried the feature out in an early beta version of iOS 15 and was impressed with the potential. It’s a little bit like a number of group video-watching features added to apps like Hulu, Prime Video and Disney Plus over the course of the pandemic, mixed with screen sharing over a Zoom call. The difference is that SharePlay is better integrated across your phone and not limited to just a couple of app. You can use it for TikTok, sharing music and daftar rajawaliqq any other app that opts in to use SharePlay. It has a clean interface that even allows you to broadcast SharePlay media from your phone to a TV equipped with an AppleTV device.

Walk don’t run to iOS 15

Overall, these numerous additions and changes led to a positive experience with iOS 15. As with any software update, I’d recommend backing up your phone beforehand as a precaution. Those with older iPhones also might want to wait a few days to see if other people report problems they encounter.

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How to FaceTime friends who use Android and Windows devices