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Saints coach dissatisfaction with the referee canceled the last game the team touchdown

Beijing September 17 hearing in the 9-27 loss to the Los Angeles Rams in the game, the most concern is the New Orleans Saints starting quarterback Drew – Brisbane (Drew Brees) injury. But they also noticed the error committed by the referee group.

In the second quarter, resulting in Saints Rams quarterback Jared – Gough (Jared Goff) off the ball, defensive end Cameron – Jordan (Cameron Jordan) running all the way to snatch the ball back 87 yards to complete offensive touchdowns . But the referee to blow the whistle on his back during the attack and after the former reaching the end zone judgment Gough pass incomplete. Although Saints coach Sean – Payton (Sean Payton) challenge the penalty and the referee eventually commuted to confirm Gough off the ball, get the ball by the Saints. But because they had already whistled abandon the match, so the Saints return touchdowns attack was canceled, cheap jerseys for sale only began to attack from 13 yards at the side. In this game, they do not go get a touchdown.

Miscarriage of justice count the League of Nations finals last season, this is the third consecutive game the Saints suffered a serious miscarriage of justice.

“You can not focus on this kind of thing …” Payton. “When we encounter such a bad referee performance or bad decision, we have no control over such things. Our focus this week is to reduce the foul and make sure we have the right players played.”

Like with Payton, snatch the ball Jordan also expressed dissatisfaction with the referees. “Touchdown was blowing did not,” Jordan said. “I did not even hear the whistle. I grabbed the ball back to attack the 15 and 20 yards. It is said that this time the referee blows the whistle. Obviously, the referee blows the whistle. Usually, you let the game continues. Any decision will often tell you, you let the game go on, and then look back at the video. “

Senior vice president of wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping referee in charge of affairs of Al – Li Fulong (Al Riveron) really should acknowledge the referee whistled like Jordan as saying. But he did not directly admit referee mistakes.

“We told our referee, if there is doubt, let the game go on,” he said in an interview Li Fulong. “If this is not a complete pass, we can always look back, make sure the ball is not completed. In the last game in this case, to the defensive side of the ball has a limit of what we can do. However, according to rules, we can not let them advance. All we can do is obviously where they snatch the ball away to give them the ball. “

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History first attack de Wen-Huster and crow signing
US time Sunday, Baltimo crow signed the best attack on nfl jerseys history & mdash; & mdash; German-Hester (DEVIN HESTER).

It is reported that the crow has completed a one-year contract. If the 33-year-old Huster can complete all the rewards, the total contract is worth $ 4 million.

The 10-year-old old career will spend the Atlantian Fallen Eagle in the past two years. In 2014, he was selected for a career bowl last year, he only completed the 5 games, after which the toe injury was placed in the injury list.

Hester’s career is known as a ball. He has contributed 20 times of kicking and attacked or abandoned to come back to fight back. In 2014, it replaced Den Sanders and wholesale jerseys for sale became wholesale nfl jerseys online history. Attack the first person.

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Adam – Vegas do not regret to miss start of next season 49

Chicago Bears this week’s opponent will be the San Francisco 49ers, the team offensive coordinator Adam – Vegas (Adam Gase) before the start of the season was close to becoming the head coach of 49 people. In the interview this week, Vargas said he did not regret missing the job to 49 people, wholesale jerseys from china and cheap nfl jerseys said that work in the Bears very happy.

Vegas said: “For to be a member of the Bears, and I’m excited this is what I’ve always wanted to find a job I feel for their work, and a group of good players to work together to help coach John. – Fox (John Fox), which is a good job for me. “

Aged 37, Vegas will Bears offensive to build a very impressive quarterback Jay – Cutler (Jay Cutler) the performance is satisfactory overall. Earlier, 49 people Vegas is passed close to becoming coach, cheap jerseys to which he responded:. “I do not know what was himself in a position, but now I will not think this problem” now, compared to chaotic and inefficient offensive to 49 people, to join the Bears for Vegas is a better choice.

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Bill defensive coordinator does not care about the elderly goose

The former Lion coach Jim-Schwar Schwartz is currently a new defensive coordinator in Buffalo, which may get the red recruit wholesale jerseys for sale the hometown of the lion in this week. Schwarz said he didn’t care about this.

When he was asked to ask him how to entertain him, Schwaritz was cryed, Miami Dolphins jerseys from china a strike. “This is not important,” he said to Buffalo News. “I only care about the game. This is certainly not important.”

Schwarz said that he cared was only a routine business. “All weeks,” Schwarz said. “I used to have a visitor to the team, so I know where the team’s dressing room is, and I know where the main team is locked. This is a very important game for us. This is the scene of the game, and We have already lost. We need to win the game, whether it is wholesale jerseys for sale the lion or other teams. Everyone is in touch with other teams in the alliance. Each coach coached a team. These factors Both have nothing to do with the game. “

Schwarz will not have any differences this week. Lion fans may send a visual team more than usual.