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In fact, we are all Tony – Romo

When the Cowboys pull Dak Prescott twice in the final two minutes to come back from losing the edge, reverse against the Pittsburgh Steelers two days after the 8-0 win season, Romo posted a 5 minutes and 59 seconds of speech, speech is he wrote himself, and before the release of anyone who had never seen a team. For 14 years he played for this team, he said he was willing to do the bench Dak, gave his most solid support, because Dak proved himself worthy of the Cowboys starting quarterback.

And that day, Romo is still adamant that he wanted to return to the highest level in athletics, because he is still eager to experience the kind of joy and victory brought athletics again. And when he was talking about them, or stand up choked with sobs.

From that day on, I never doubted wish Romo return to the track until yesterday he accepted the CBS contract, officially announced his retirement.


In 2006 in Seattle, the National League wild card race, the last left in the game 1 minute 19 seconds, Cowboys 20 to 21 1 point behind the Seahawks, Cowboys special teams array of 2-yard line, the penalty as long as they enter the 21 yards free kick, it the go-ahead score, help players team quarterback Tony Romo. Later in the story, almost everyone knows, Romo is not connected to open out the ball, then he tried to punch the ball touchdown, but eventually grappled in front of the end zone.

This time touch the ball failed, not only directly ended the Cowboys’ playoff run, more like a nightmare to accompany his entire career.

The failure to make everyone forget that, when the game 2 minutes 59 seconds remaining, Romo will be the other team to 28 yards from the side line 2-yard line, and no one remembers, he took that day 29 pass 17 at 189 yards and 1 touchdown, and no one remembers, it was Romo as Cowboys starting quarterback in his first season.


2003 NFL Draft, no one noticed a white looks nothing special from Eastern Illinois University quarterback, he and his school team and as there is no sense of presence, so this is called the young Tony Romo to be a logical voted rookie. Then served as quarterbacks coach Sean Payton of the Cowboys took a fancy to him the same school alumni, Romo therefore signed with the Cowboys. And when Payton in 2006 to coach the Saints with three draft picks Buying Romo is Jerry Jones refused, this is something.

In 2003 Romo was the third quarterback Quincy Carter in 2004 because of violation of doping regulations, Romo was spared from the layoff, to stay in the team, starting this year, he began to help golfers playing status. October 15, 2006, he completed the first show as a quarterback, and then determined Bill Parcells as the starting quarterback.

2006 Thanksgiving, Romo’s fourth game, against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, few people know that losing rookie surrendered 29 pass 22, 306 yards 5 touchdowns in this country live in, passing 148.9 score report card, fame. When he played only 11 times was named to the Pro Bowl, but he is already after Troy Aikman Cowboys had played the first 11 quarterback.

But mention in 2006, people still remember that mistakes help the ball.


Review Romo’s career, except that touch the ball mistakes, people will mention that he played the playoffs only six times embarrassing record wins two games, people will remember 2013 as he steals lost Peyton Manning and the Broncos and even one will remember his face in Bill’s nationally televised embarrassment out of 5 steals show in 2007.

Lift Romo, people will subconsciously say, he is not elite quarterback, he led could not win, he was soft.

But the 2013 game against the Broncos Romo came almost 504 yards hit a career best performance, 5 steals 2007. That game, Romo led the team in the fourth quarter reversed a 11-point deficit to win the game, in 2014, he first the case of section 14 points behind the final to win the first playoff victory in the final 2 minutes and 32 seconds reverse.

In 2011, the first two weeks, in the afternoon in San Francisco, Romo in the case of two broken ribs and a punctured lung, the truce throughout the third quarter to make painkillers work, then return in the fourth quarter, led smooth points 10 points difference, and a complete 77 yards long pass in overtime, helping the team 49 reversed kick.

Unconsciously, 10 years had passed, Romo has been standing piece of the American people after the team’s offensive line, he more than Roger Staubach and here 12 years, Troy Aikman, to become the number passing yards in team history, passing up the number of array, passing score record holder. From his 2006 debut in the seven to 13 years, his fourth league quarterback rating than everyone.

And this time, people forget that, originally, he was just voted rookie ah.


In fact, not all memory is poor, just choose the habit of people remember things that they why are jerseys from china so cheap more willing to believe it. Comments and laugh always easy, but Romo’s entire career also never get rid of this kind of comment and ridicule, even when he retired that day, Stephen A. Smith was saying, even a retired Romo are engaged in really such a big movement odious.

No matter how soft feel Romo’s pass, after the line to avoid the sack how flexible pace, also regardless of how high his ball Offers business, how well the bigger picture, he always had people really did not get the recognition, because people will say you are not elite quarterback ah.

2015, cheap jerseys Romo injured in the second week, followed by the fifth week after the team lost at home to the Patriots game, Romo went to plaster the center of the field, clapping and Tom Brady, Brady said of Romo, See you in February . Only four wins that season denim is certainly not likely to meet in February with Brady, but to say that Romo is presumably better than anyone eager to stage the self-evident right.

From the beginning of the 2010 season, Romo has been fighting and injuries, fell back down again, until the last two years, he was exhausted, not only ended his NFL playing career, also ending the hearts of many people, knowing slim but still remaining expectations, they can look forward to Romo led the Cowboys back to the Super Bowl stage, all tags tear on his body, and finally a counter-attack, to retire when he is wearing an “elite quarterback” of the hat, as he became one of the best teams of American history as the unsuccessful rookie.


As you know, such a counter-attack will not happen, Romo might not be great to wear that yellow suit up, but so what does, in fact, life has always been like this, many of us may have to be doing Tom Brady’s dream, but Tom Brady is only one, and we might just be the best Tony Romo it.

Born ordinary, there is no natural concern, no extraordinary talent, not Babel’s resources not recognized for all, also often misunderstood label, this is probably the vast majority of people everyday. What we can do is simply stick to their efforts, relying on a bit of luck, like a two opportunity, seize the opportunity to get a little success, than their own a little better each year.

Romo’s career far from perfect, but there is nothing, because normal life is with regret.

Romo has done the best he could do, he never stopped trying, his career even more unfavorable, but still lucky enough, when he retired to his people, I believe the history of “the best team one “evaluation from the heart, that top” elite quarterback “do not wear the hat, I am afraid that is not so important.

Each withdraw from the weight of the people, there will be a sincere relief, 14 years later, I think, now put on Romo of CBS must also suit laugh of relief, because, a new life has begun.

Author: Rock of Gibraltar

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Feng – Miller receives the 50-year super bowl of helmets
Summary FBI Help Tom Brady found lost super bowls. Recently, they sent the 50-year super bowl helmet lost by Denver’s Wild Horse’s Line-Miller (Von miller) to him.

Last month, wholesale jerseys from china FBI tracked to the stealing of Brradi’s two super bowls of cheap nfl jerseys and Miller helmets. Time Miller finally received his helmet, Miller received an interview: “I thank FBI and Mexico authorities to work together Help me to find a helmet, I don’t know how you did it, in such a world to find the helmet, but it is really surprised. ”

Ironically, until Miller knows that Miller knows that his 50-year super bowl is lost, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping and that game he got 2 kills in the four-point guards of the Black Leopard of Carolina, Cam Netton. And Harvested MVP Honor.

Miller said: “Honestly, I don’t even know that my helmet is lost, because last year’s super bowl is too crazy, but our investigation institution is the best, they do, pay tribute to them.”

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Houston Texas people cut off the third grade outside Jen Yun – Strong

Jalen Strong ended in Houston.

Houston Texas announced that this third-grade takeover was declared on Monday.

The decision of Texas is slightly unexpected, but Strong is just 20-speed attack in the game, and the quarter-off did not pass him. He is also banned cheap jerseys from china participating in the first battle of the session due to violation of the banned drug use regulations.

Strong was arrested in February 2016 due to marijuana.

On the court, this player who was selected in 2015 was selected for the Dezhou people in 19 games, and wholesale nfl jerseys completed 292 yards 3 times.

Strong has never been able to maintain a good body and have never stood out to change the players who can change the situation, but his departure has weakened the weak Dezhou offensive group.

In addition to the star outside De Andrew Hopkins, Braxton Miller completed two batches twice in the first season in the game. Bruce – Elington, due to the absence of the cerebral game. In addition, Texas is still waiting for Will Fuller injury.

Take these factors in consideration, cheap jerseys online so there is no need to expect the Texas offensive team to become strong.

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Packaging work promotes Eliot Wolf for the Director of the Personnel

The Green Bay packaging team has made a decision in recent: Eliot Wolf to become the Director of the Player Personnel.

The 32-year-old Eliot-Wolf is the son of Ron Wolf, General Manager of the Former Packaging Team, and Xiaoflf adds the Green Bay packaging worker in 2004. His ability is widely recognized by the outside world, and is the popular candidate of NFL future managers.

The packaging team renewed his general manager Tod Todes Thompson last summer until the 2019 draft, so if the small Wolf wants to become the next general manager of the package, if he is not surprising, he can only wait any longer. More than 4 years. At present, cheap jerseys from china Little Wolf and Personnel Executive Officer Alonzo Hightsmith and university ball explore Brian Gutekunst as the Senior cheap nfl jerseys Assistant of Thompson.

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Wide receiver Bryant will meet with the Cleveland Browns next week

Beijing August 11 hearing Hernandez – Bryant (Dez Bryant) will go to Cleveland.

NFL official website reporter Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to people familiar with news reports that foreign take over the free agent is expected to meet with the Cleveland Browns in the next week. The two sides may meet the time schedule on Thursday.

Previously General Manager John Brown – Dorsey (John Dorsey) told reporters that he wanted to meet with Bryant, but was unable to contact him. “He did not call back,” said Dorsey. “… Maybe he was still considering other things.” Later, Bryant replied on Twitter

Two hours later, Bryant again tweeted: “will start visiting team next week … I will come to Cleveland to see you, Mr. West and more.”

In Josh – when Gordon (Josh Gordon) missed the team event to restore health, Brown needs reinforcement wide receiver position. Gordon had coach Hugh – Jackson guarantee that they will return soon, but Dorsey Thursday admits that there is still no schedule for the return of Gordon.

In addition, wide receiver Corey Brown will – Coleman (Corey Coleman) traded to the Buffalo Bill, and later took over the show outside their four-wheel Antonio – Callaway (Antonio Callaway) is accused of carrying marijuana. Callaway claimed that marijuana found in his car did not belong to him, cheap nfl jerseys Brown believes his rhetoric, but whether the NFL would have made the punishment is still unknown.

In any case, look for Callaway Brown who will be a valuable player. He completed three catches for cheap jerseys 87 yards made 1 touchdown in the preseason opener.

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Famous Hall of Defensive Dragonfly Fred – Denn Dragon 38 years old

Professional football Hall of House confirmed the famous Fred Dean Dreaming on Wednesday, enjoying 68 years old.

“The whole professional football Hall of Fame mourned Fred – Den Den,” David Baker “in David, President and CEO, said in a statement. “He embodied many values ​​from this great exercise in his life & mdash; & mdash; put it, is straightforward, Cheap Jerseys and we express condolences to Fred’s wife Pom and Cheap NFL Jerseys authentic his family. We will always save him forever. The heritage, revealed future generation. The Hall of Fame will be half-flag to commemorate Fred. “

Den’s career has been 49 people and San Diego lightning in San Francisco, and I have been selected for the 141 games. 4 times selection of professional bowls, and I have selected the best lineup for 2 times and win the super bowl of champion.

In 1975, Dean from Louisian University of Technology was selected by lightning, and he quickly got a first opportunity. He has a lightning effectiveness in the past 7 years before his career, 2 times in a career bowl, and followed the team into the playoffs. During the 1981 season, he was traded to 49, helping the team to win the first super bowl of the team.

The last five seasons in the last five seasons were spent in 1983, and they won 17.5 kills, and finally selected professional bowls. He won the second super bowl of champion in 1984 and his last season in 1985.

Den was selected in 2008.

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External hand Hopkins become one of the “Madden 20” 99 numerical players

Beijing July 14th, Deandre Hopkins, sometimes not being considered to be considered to be Antonio Brown, Hurio-Jones (Julio Jones) and Odel Beckham Odell beckham These external connections belong to the same level. “Madon Rugby” game agreed to put this Houston Texas people in another level.

That is 99 numerical players.

wholesale nfl jerseys and EA Sports announced that Hopkins is the fourth place, and the last “Madon Rugby 20” game is 99 numerical players. Other three are Los Angeles ram defensive dish Aaron Donald, Seattle Sea Eagle Wagner and Chicago Bear Chong Chi Khalil Mack.

Although some people are surprised by the perfect scoring for Hopkins, he is no doubt. He is the top player of the league. He completed the most 115 battles in his last season, and he got the best of the 2572 yards and 11 times, and the best lineup was selected for the second consecutive year.

In the “Madden” game last year, the value of Hopkins is 94, ranking fourth in the external hand position. His performance in reality exceeded the Beckham (95), cheap jerseys Jones (98) and Brown (99).

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The bear announced the signing of the old mannequiery-Potter

Old Tracted Porter found a new job, this time he will join the Chicago bear team. Local time Monday, cheap jerseys the Xiong team officially announced the contract, and the two sides agreed with a one-year contract, cheap jerseys and the team did not announce contract rules.

In the seven seasons joining the Alliance, Potter successively acts in the New Orleans Saint, Denver Horse, Auckland Assault and Washington Red Leather. The 28-year-old Porter was retired last month, he was only 3 times last season, and cheap jerseys from china he was bothering for a long time by his shoulder and leg sculpture.

Potter was known in the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning, helping the Shengshi to win by the fans, but his career has only been full of 16 games in a season. The current second-line lineup is limited, and the first corner combination will be Kyle Fuller and Tim Jennings. If you can guarantee health, Porter will use rich experience to help the team from the replacement.

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Hurio-Jones back picks up a restriction training

Last Sunday Fematch Eagle on the stage of Detroit Lion, cheap nfl jerseys online Julio Jones was hugged after being hugged by the gerk QUIN.

After the file attacked, wholesale jerseys he told the team to do nothing. US time on Thursday, cheap jerseys free shipping Jones said: “I don’t want this situation very big, this injury is not a injury that needs particularly care.”

Jones is expected to participate in Sunday’s game on the array of Faro Bill. He told reporters: “No matter how, I will help the team to win the game, this is what I am doing.”

But Jones training this week, wholesale Green Bay Packers jerseys has been restricted by the second consecutive game because the back is restricted.

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Obama congratulates Bellicik won the super bowl

US Time Thursday, US President Barak Obama Congratulations to the New England Patrioplant’s head coach Bill Belichick, Bell Belich, has got the 49th Super Bowl of Championship.

A White House spokesperson said Obama pointed out that many players made excellent contributions in the game, especially the old four-point Wei Tom Bradi (Tom Brady) and the new Duxiu Malcolm-Butler.

Obama also invited Patriot to see the White House, and free nfl jerseys online the President will hold a celebration ceremony in the White House for the champion team.

At the end of the super bowl ended last week, the magical performance of the fourth quarter helped the patriot to defeat the Seattle Hawks to receive a super bowl in Phoenix 28-124, cheap wholesale jerseys and the game has a total of 1.44 million viewers.

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Elays Ren’s Tears at the Press Conference of Cauffen

It is not easy to say that the head of Tom Coughlin is very difficult to say to Tom Coughlin.

It is reported that the four-defense of the New York giant is hidden at the post-employment conference of the main coach, and the tears are strong. Cauffein encouraged him after leaving the field.

When the outside world believes that Manning, Manning, wholesale nfl jerseys online Manning, cheap china jerseys free shipping who needs to bear the team’s conversation, Kufulin, cheap nfl jerseys for sale the only coach station in 2004, said that this is the issue of the Global team.

Cauffen warned Manning on the spot: “This is not your personal responsibility, this is our responsibility.”

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