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Mario Tag first participated in training and received coach praise

It is good cheap jerseys for sale Marcus Mariota.

The Tennessee Titan’s new show four-breakfast spent the team’s first new mini training camp and successfully gave the head of Ken Whisenhunt in the training.

“He understood (tactical manual) very well,” Wi Sen Henter said. “There are many things in the tactical manual, and he is really very serious and strive to learn the basics of our attack tactics. But when you walk on the court, it will always be different.”

For Mario Tak, it is what he can transition cheap jerseys from china the ENTVIA to the Employment of the Oregon to the professional stadium and the kicking system after the center. This rookie quad-defense told reporters that the biggest difference between the opening of the center of the center is to try to see the second-line defensive player of the opponent. “I don’t think this is a problem,” Wi Senheng said that Mario Tag is in the professional competition system to pick up the center to kick. He paid a lot of efforts. He looks very good. I mean, until we enter the game and face the defensive player’s flash quadrant sighter or pressing, you will not know how they will handle this situation. “

Wi Sen Hunte said that Mario Tag had some “excellent performance” in the training. He also said: “Obviously, in some training, he is free, and other parts are new.”

Titan has impressed impressive learning ability in Mario Tag, which is praised by this year’s list of this year before the draft. After a low-intensity training, it was too early to make it too early, but the former Hesmann winner passed the first test.

“Playing at this level is of course tough,” Wi Sen Hunte said. “You must see, the reaction you must make is something you want to adapt, cheap jerseys online there is nothing to replace the game and experience the game. He is trying to perform excellent.”

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Feng – Miller receives the 50-year super bowl of helmets
Summary FBI Help Tom Brady found lost super bowls. Recently, they sent the 50-year super bowl helmet lost by Denver’s Wild Horse’s Line-Miller (Von miller) to him.

Last month, wholesale jerseys from china FBI tracked to the stealing of Brradi’s two super bowls of cheap nfl jerseys and Miller helmets. Time Miller finally received his helmet, Miller received an interview: “I thank FBI and Mexico authorities to work together Help me to find a helmet, I don’t know how you did it, in such a world to find the helmet, but it is really surprised. ”

Ironically, until Miller knows that Miller knows that his 50-year super bowl is lost, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping and that game he got 2 kills in the four-point guards of the Black Leopard of Carolina, Cam Netton. And Harvested MVP Honor.

Miller said: “Honestly, I don’t even know that my helmet is lost, because last year’s super bowl is too crazy, but our investigation institution is the best, they do, pay tribute to them.”

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History first attack de Wen-Huster and crow signing
US time Sunday, Baltimo crow signed the best attack on nfl jerseys history & mdash; & mdash; German-Hester (DEVIN HESTER).

It is reported that the crow has completed a one-year contract. If the 33-year-old Huster can complete all the rewards, the total contract is worth $ 4 million.

The 10-year-old old career will spend the Atlantian Fallen Eagle in the past two years. In 2014, he was selected for a career bowl last year, he only completed the 5 games, after which the toe injury was placed in the injury list.

Hester’s career is known as a ball. He has contributed 20 times of kicking and attacked or abandoned to come back to fight back. In 2014, it replaced Den Sanders and wholesale jerseys for sale became wholesale nfl jerseys online history. Attack the first person.