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Mustak star playing the ball Pratt

Due to the completion of the four banches of the Denver Maka Team, the Denver Maka Team, which violated the alliance alcohol, but has lost its work. The team announced in the local time on Friday to play the player in the 2013 season. General Manager of the team, John Elway, said: “The old man who has been in the past for many years will always be a difficult decision. I represent the Mustang Qi team, thank you Matt in seven years. For the contribution of the team, I wish him a smooth career and everything in life. “

The wild horses will continue to use them from the giant team trades, Brandon Mcmanus, McMarus, in the first three games, live all free kicks and add a shot door and kicking in the foot. I repeatedly kicked the ball out of the bottom line. He shows the competitiveness to make the team dare to cut off the 64-yogle, the league history, the farther distance, cheap nike jerseys nfl the mid-range record holder Pratt. If McMarus has been in the wilderness this season, the giant team will get a seventh round of the wild horse.

Believe that the Lion, the Saint team waited for wholesale jerseys from china the team that played the ball in this season, would be interested in this play-in-one playing.

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[Story] Rain City quarterback hope – Russell – Wilson

In the nfl’s world, big things rarely happen at the little man. But the success story, there’s little extra joy to people, such as it occurs in Russell – the story of Wilson’s body. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback responded with its own power outside of doubt, the first game in his rookie season on the team locked up the starting position. When others are optimistic about the outside world peers experiencing (expectations) highs and lows of the time, Russell was in full evidence to learn everything in this league, but did not slow down. This is his story. . . . . .

growing up

Russell – Carrington – Wilson November 1988 born on 29 Cincinnati, Ohio. He is Tammy – Harrison and Wilson – Wilson III, a couple of three children of her second child. He has an older brother Harrison IV and a sister Anna.

Wilson has a strong athleticism. Russell’s grandfather in the 1950s is amphibious sports stars Kentucky State University. Russell’s father, while the effect in the 1970s as the Dartmouth football and baseball teams. In 1980, after the team missed the electro-optical and San Diego, he put his energy into a legal career. Harrison obtained a diploma in law with the University of Virginia after the family moved to Richmond (Translator’s Note: Virginia capital). Russell’s mother is a lawyer and consultant (medicine).

When Russell’s grandfather saw Russell swing Wiffle Ball (Translator’s Note: Similar to baseball, perforation, and lighter weight plastic balls) stick the moment, he announced to the family of this child is destined to be in the future sports dry out a great cause. Russell-year-old started playing football, he continued to hone his technique in the process of passing to his brother. Like my big brother, Russell also has a pair Scud. But it is his strong arm eventually helped him get a collegiate school in second grade (Translator’s Note: Richmond College Preparatory School) starting position. Russell led Charlie – McFaul coach of the team to the state championship in 2004, while they have gained all-star honors.

Third grade that year, Russell was nominated for the Richmond Times Athlete of the Year. He also by virtue of the second seat state championship trophies bagged this award, the season he surrendered over 3000 yards passing, 40 touchdowns and 15 rushing touchdowns transcripts. Russell’s desire is to enter the University of Virginia. But he was a little over 5 feet 10 inches tall scared off Virginia cavalry coach. After junior season, he received the North Carolina State University and Duke University scholarship before the start of the fourth grade he accepted an invitation from North Carolina State wolves team.

In the 2006 fourth grade that season, Russell’s team achieved three consecutive championships. He once again came yardage of 3000, while including 52 touchdowns passing and rushing, including. In addition, he was a prep school baseball team and basketball team star. In the spring of 2007, Russell was mlb the Baltimore Orioles selected in the first 41. He signed with the team very long, but eventually decided to go to college.


Russell arrived in Da Luoli (Translator’s Note: North Carolina state capital) as a red shirt after athletes (Translator’s Note: Red players can team together and training, wearing a race suit but can not play, thus prolonging the college game entry deadline) started his first college season, but he also played for the wolves to rookie status baseball team. At the beginning of the 2008 season with Russell and the other two players to compete for the starting position. But by mid-season, he has been locked up – Tom O’Brien starting position coach. Russell and wolves perfect team performance in November, defeated Duke and Wake Forest University in two close games, followed by a large margin again swept the University of North Carolina and the University of Miami.

This four victories the team reversed the disastrous (2-6) start, but also to ensure the eligibility of North Carolina State University held Papa John’s Bowl (also known as the Birmingham Bowl), the opponent is Rutgers University. The first half the game, Russell came 232 yards, the team to 17 to 6 lead. But a knee injury forced to leave, Rutgers scored 13 points and won the victory in the final stage in the third quarter Russell. Nevertheless, Wilson still easily won the Rookie of the Year acc.

Although only 20 years old Russell in the field has shown an incredible ability to command effectively. As a first-year rookie, he steals only once in a while came 17 touchdowns, 275 passes and completed 150 times, he gained 1995 yards. In addition, he has his red ball touchdowns four times. Russell era university steals second note appeared in the sophomore season of the third game. Between two steals he completed 379 passes, which also broke Andrew – Woodson held ncaa record.

However, the 2009 season was a disappointing season. Wolves team defense group for eight consecutive games to get opponents to score more than 30 points, the team that won only eight games in two games. The only bright spot in dismal season is 65 points big win over Murray State University, and the final regular season game at 28 than 27 victory over the old enemy at the University of North Carolina two games. Russell threw the entire season 31 touchdowns and 11 steals, obtained 3027 yards.

The team’s fate in 2010 completely changed. Acc Russell led the league in passing yardage and two offensive ranking data. He completed 308 passes, to obtain a 3,563 yards and 28 touchdowns, while only 14 steals. He also rushed the ball a distance of 435 yards and nine touchdowns rushing to become the division’s top rushing quarterbacks. Wolves team won the regular season 8-4 score, which lost three games are lost to the national seeds. One of the games is 28 to 24 victory over Florida State University, the nation’s top 20 rankings, the game is also the final stage of the wolves team to 21 than 24 behind, this time short pass found teammate Russell George – Brian He took the race victory. In the championship bowl game against the University of the West Virginia game, the team to win 23 to 7, and eventually locked the top 25 in the nation. Russell also reported 2 touchdowns and 275 yards to the end of the junior year.

After the end of the season, Russell soon found that they have some interesting choices. He has got enough undergraduate credits required for graduation. In his senior year before the start of football season for the Colorado Rockies baseball team playing in the minor leagues, in July they selected in the fifth round Russell. After the championship bowl, he decided to report to the Rockies together to participate in spring training. O’Brien coach is not very happy with this decision, he decided to train other quarterback for the 2011 season. Eventually he gave up Russell opportunity to continue to play for North Carolina State University.

Technically, this time Russell will be able to participate in the nfl draft. But he did not get close professional scouts, has not been invited to visit the spring camp. And because he still has a year of college football eligibility (Translator’s Note: Because it is the first year of the Red athletes, it is possible to extend the qualifying year), Russell decided to transfer to the University of Wisconsin to play one more year. University of Wisconsin coach Bret Huan – Biailema for Russell to play baseball in the offseason, has expressed approval. This summer, he represented a minor league Asheville traveler profile team played 61 times, hit rate is 0.228 and has three home runs.

In 2011, Russell came to Madison (Translator’s Note: Wisconsin capital), ready to take over this talented team. Huan team made during the previous year of 11 wins and 2 losses record, and enters the Rose Bowl. Team quarterback Rick – Tuoerqien graduation makes the lack of a team of experienced leaders. Russell can fill this role, he took only three weeks to put the whole playbook by heart, not long before he was appointed captain of the team.

In the first game, Russell leading the team points unlv head 51, wherein a sixth 46 yards from his red ball touchdowns. With Russell precision passing, University of Wisconsin swept rivals by a large margin, and in 6 3-0 start. In this wave-game winning streak, the team Huan wanton rolled his opponent, gains and losses into stunning than 58 301. Small score lost to the University of Michigan and Ohio State University’s game is a little setback this historic season, they eventually 10-2 record over the regular season, and made the first name of the Big Ten Conference, wholesale jerseys online to obtain the opportunity to big Ten championship and play against Michigan State University.

Russell dominates this high score of tug of war, and eventually launched a wave of the offensive 64 yards made the race victory. He completed a four-speed conversion in a game-winning Michigan State University 43 yards line. He breaking free from his nearby sack, desperate to throw a long pass found Jeff – Dirk Voss, who received a pass in the red zone. Monti – then rushed the ball Boer finished the game his fourth touchdown. In the end, Huan team to 42 than 39 made the race victory, Russell won the mvp.

Big Ten champion in the Rose bowl 45 to 38 loss to the University of Oregon. Russell came 296 yards and 2 touchdowns, but made 10 min Ducks in the fourth quarter, he failed to lead the team to achieve Huan touchdowns.

In the last college football season, Russell has made 72.8% pass success rate, and to the value of 191.8 passing efficiency record has created a Division football university. His 33 touchdowns was a school record, and ranked second in Big Ten history, the first was in 1998, Drew – 39 Brisbane. It is worth mentioning that Russell whole there were only 4 steals.

After junior offseason distractions in baseball, Russell chose not to take risks. He attended the University of the All-Star Bowl (Senior Bowl). The North team in its group coached by the Minnesota Vikings coach. Russell issued the first war, led the North halftime 13 to 6 lead, Cork – Cousins ​​came off the bench, the final score frames at 23 than 13. After the game, Russell notice Rockies himself chose the latter and will participate in baseball and football cheap jerseys nfl draft.

Russell investigated in the winter camp attracted a lot of attention. His height is still a big disadvantage, but by virtue of the excellent performance of his draft position lift from the middle to the second round or third round. Ultimately, the Seahawks in the third round of 75 overall pick him. This is also the Seahawks since 1993, selected with the second overall pick Rick – sign up to use the off position after Mureils quarterback.

In the summer training camp in the Seahawks, Matt – Flynn is considered the team starting quarterback candidates. But Russell to faster than expected to complete the requirements for his team, and finished surprisingly good. Two days after the final preseason game in Seattle, Pete – Carroll coach brought the rookie quarterback named team of the season number one candidate. Russell college career at the two schools have played a similar West Coast offense, so he was very comfortable with Seattle system.

In the season’s first small score lost to the Arizona Cardinals game Russell to show their strength. The second week, he launched a wave of impressive offense 90 yards to help the team to score 27 to 7 victory over the Dallas Cowboys in the third quarter. Seahawks still have a horse – Lynch such a good running back and the superior strength of the defense group, so did Russell was asked to do a lot.

Become famous

In the third case happened last week changes, the Seahawks Monday night game at home to usher in the challenge of the Green Bay Packers. The final stage team than 7 to 12 behind, seeing the time is running out, Russell corner toward the end zone throw a long pass record suicide note. Gordon – Tate pushed a defender first, and then after a fight with another defender caught the winning goal. Alternative referee took 10 minutes to finally confirmed touchdowns effective. This controversial penalty also indirect Union ended the strike referee. (Translator’s Note: June 2012, wholesale nfl jerseys online referee association with the original collective bargaining agreement expired, resulting in a collective strike the referee’s got a substitute therefore nfl preseason and head referees from lower league ncaa, football and other indoor inside. weeks of the regular season, but because of the limited level, substitute referee widely criticized by public opinion, culminating in the September 26, 2012 wholesale nfl jerseys online association with the referee reached a new collective bargaining agreement, ending the strike.)

Russell kept in the study, the effect is slowly revealed. We can see from some of the game he is ready to become a top nfl quarterback. He rarely panic, and need to know when to leave the pocket with his feet to complete the attack. As the season progressed, his passing efficiency is becoming increasingly high.

When the end of November, came team record of six wins and 5 losses. In the first game in December, Russell led the team in extra-time victory over the Chicago Bears, he also won the National League Player of the Week. So far, things have been obvious. Seahawks redouble their efforts to score 58 more than 0,50 than 17 and 42 than 13 to win the next three games, the last of which was victorious in the same district rivals the San Francisco 49ers. Seattle in the regular season final reverse against the St. Louis Rams after the freeze in regular-season record 11 wins and 5 losses.

Russell’s rookie season for the data is extraordinary. He passes 64.1% success rate with 3118 yards, 26 touchdowns came only steals 10 times, and rushed the ball 489 yards and has four rushing touchdowns. In any season, Russell will lock the Rookie of the Year honors. But in 2012, the Colts Andrew – Mubarak repeated the news headlines, And eventually won the Rookie of the Year title. Nevertheless, Russell’s performance so this honor Mubarak seems insufficient purity.

The first round of the playoffs, Russell is also on the hot rookie quarterback Robert – Griffin III. Washington Redskins team that is made 2 touchdowns in the first quarter, but after the Seahawks dominated the game. Russell completed 15 passes gained 187 yards, and rushed the ball 67 yards, the Seahawks finally to 24 than 14 victory. The victory also ended eight straight playoff team before. It is worth mentioning that the whole game, Russell launched a total of more than 60 yards to score four offensive.

The second round of the playoffs, the Atlanta Falcons played the Seattle defense group get lost 2-0 halftime lead to 20. The second half began, Russell fearlessly led the team launched a frenzied counterattack, Seahawks 31 seconds before the end of the game to 28 than 27 go-ahead score. But after the defense group failed to control Matt – Ryan, his two long pass to help the team get the opportunity 49 yards winning shot, and ultimately out of the Seahawks. This makes the result of a sudden and startled declared the end of Russell gorgeous rookie season. Regardless of any standard, this is a third-round rookie quarterback can best rookie season exhibited. In the game against the Falcons game, Russell came 385 yards, which also set a rookie playoff record passing quarterback. It is worth mentioning that, before the Sami – records have been kept frozen treasure 75 seasons.

At the beginning of the 2013 season, the Seattle Seahawks in the past few seasons is not the first time as a starting quarterback who enabled this problem to worry about. The only question is whether Russell can continue to grow. His performance in 2012 has given way to surprise the league, opponents have against him vigilant. In addition, Seattle has also been named one of twenty-three nfl strongest team, but these expectations will increase the burden on the shoulders of Russell.

In the first week of shattered Cam – after Newton and his Carolina Panthers, he ushered Colin Russell – Capel Nick and he led the National League defending champion 49ers. In front of their home fans deafening, Seahawks effortlessly to 29 to 3 victory over his opponent. Since then the Seahawks has achieved a victory in two games, the team until the fifth week against the Colts game was the season’s first taste of defeat.

Russell and the Seahawks lose and then ushered in a wave-game winning streak. In their first 11 games he won 10 games, firmly occupy the top spot in the National League West. Russell passing rate, passing up several bursts of data and several quarterback rating the top ten league. In early November game against Tampa Bay, Russell led the franchise history the biggest comeback. Seahawks to 1-0 behind 21 before halftime, the Seahawks will play the fourth quarter to narrow the score to 17 than 24. The last two minutes of normal time, Russell 10 yards pass found Doug – Baldwin, which catch touchdown. In overtime, Russell led a wave of offensive 9 files in order to advance to the shot distance, and finally by Steven – Dalhousie card shot lore, made a comeback in the third season.

After this tense tough game, Russell led the Seahawks big score defeat the Falcons and Vikings. Minnesota World War Russell fifth consecutive throws more than two passing touchdowns in the game. In this wave-game winning streak, he only steals twice.

Seattle Since then go ahead and reached a record of 13 wins and 3 losses. The last battle of the regular season the Rams to help the team win a playoff home-court advantage, which also makes them a favorite to the League of Nations represented at the 48th Super Bowl. Russell annual surrendered 26 touchdowns and only seven steals in the report card. His quarterback rating of 101.2 reached. In fact, any discussion of the league mvp in his name has been impressively. In the second year of his career, Russell has proven himself to be the guardian of Seattle and glittering attack, but the team chasing the championship hopes.

So players

Not all star quarterback needs to have more than 6 feet 3 inches tall. Russell is a living counter-example. He used his superior speed, flexibility and the ability to find passing lanes gap to make up for their lack of height, supplemented by a strong arm, struggle to get rid of the game and the ability to put a serious attitude in the Wilson and nfl those best passer stand in the same height. He played every game for the quarterback seems to understand this position has increased by one level.

Russell can mobilize warm boiled frog-style attack and get big yardage advance, but whether it is passing or rushing he has always been a big yardage threat manufacturer in the field. Russell was a verbal leader, constantly questioning who became his disciples. In just two seasons, he has made his teammates believe the team can beat any opponent, to win every game. Like Bobby – Ryan as Russell never thought he would lose & mdash; & mdash; just do not have time to come back Bale.

Source: Beijing NFL Translation Group