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Joe – Hayden guarantees Brown Will not end the season

The chances of 5 games in Cleveland cheap nfl jerseys Brown will come to end their farewell season, cheap nfl jerseys and their star angle is Joe Haden, the confident team will get a victory.

On Friday, Hayden is guaranteed when the reporter is interviewed, the team will not end the season in 0 wins and 16, he told reporters: “We still have 5 weeks, we will not defend.”

The 27-year-old corner is obviously very confident about his ability, cheap jerseys from china he said: “I feel that I am the best corner guard on the court, I like to deal with those top opponents every week.”

If Brown wants to avoid such a record, cheap nfl jerseys from china then they need to defeat the New York Giants, Cincinnati Mason, San Diego lightning, Pittsburgh Steelman or Buffalo, any team.

This season Brown encountered four-shot, the only thing they could do now is that the two-handed ten prayers can return as soon as possible.


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