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NFL relocation of London’s topic is the hot discussion of the bosses

Las Vegas and Super Bowl are the hot questions of the NFL Spring Conference, but who can think of a team to move to London is also a big hot question.

According to the CBS reporter news, the current team owners have indeed communicating overseas potential possibilities, Mark Waller cheap nfl jerseys for sale International Operators, said that the relocation of London is possible.

The discussion includes the team’s logistics, wholesale jerseys from china relocation compensation, cheap china jerseys and player supplements. Of course, there is also a boss to put forward if the London team enters the opponent encountered in the season, what should I do when I am in a remote Midwest team?

Such discussion obviously indicates the footsteps of NFL internationalization, and the alliance will add more competitions in London, and maybe the team’s wheel will not be guaranteed.

Maybe we can no longer pay attention to Las Vegas, because London may become the home of the next team.

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