Seeing Orbs With The Naked Eye

These past two days have seen a nice little run for “this thing of ours” in Portland, Oregon. One of those two bit visits took place this past Wednesday (7/6/11). A red flag had popped up on my phone 20 minutes earlier and I wasn’t sure if the couple would still be there. She and her man, Voodoo Daddy had a good time with two young men, partnering on some wicked dick sucking, a three guy one girl four way, bi and bi and bi and sigh. There were two young ladies in the audience who were new visitors to The Paris Theater. All in all, it was a good night for theater sex at The Paris. I visited The Paris the next night (7/7/11) in response to a Voodoo Girl flag. What one must understand sex online videos is that foreplay is very important to lovemaking if the man wants his girl to have the mind blowing orgasms he’d like her to have.

OK. Big mistake, I should have been a gentleman and lied and said “sometimes” or even an evasive, “Well, who wouldn’t, you sexy thing!” Instead, I just blurted out the truth. They were and the first thing I noticed was that she was showing lot of leg. It’s the first time I’ve loved a season of a series this much without going full-tilt and binging it. I could tell by how deep and loud she moaned, how much she was liking it. Varying shallow and deep thrusts will help taper off the stimulation on the penis glans/head. Like in the position above, it will tighten her body and when you do enter her, not only will it feel amazing for you since it will feel so much tighter, but that constriction in her body will translate to amazing pleasure as well. Modern tech like electricity and cars survived, but this society has outlawed guns, so everyone uses knives, katana swords and crossbows. The look on her face when she lovingly licked his balls and nuzzled his taint was like a kid licking an ice cream cone. The little theater was packed with people watching them fuck, Voodoo Girl was riding her new lover ,who was kissing and licking her beautiful tits while Voodoo Daddy was behind both of them.

After a few minutes she got on her hands and knees, pulled down her shorts and took him from behind. I think she fucked a total of five guys last night and sucked a few more. There are five of us, you know? Not so sexually confident males (let’s call them – men that have not had the chance to experience sex that often or have never had an interest in understanding sex apart from busting their nut) are turned on by not so sexually confident women (even virgins). There may have been 6 guys in the theater. And he may well keep on worrying until the results of a subsequent HIV test prove (hopefully) negative. If your mobile network 3G data isn’t working you may get through on Edge/GPRS, if not you may have Wi-Fi available or your message may even SMS the information. My family says that I’m just confused and that when I grow up I’ll want to have sex, but I WON’T. First order of business though is to have a family conference about getting you on Estrogen,” Cynthia smiled.

The mysteries of the dating ritual have been a staple theme of comedy and tragedy from the very earliest times until the present. While she was getting fucked, her man was rapidly fucking her asshole, ramming his fingers in and out in rhythm to the strange cock moving inside of her pussy. At one point she was riding a very large cock and her man was trying to get it into her ass. “Go to the bathroom and get rid of it” she said with a smile. She’ll only prescribe Estrogen if I can get parental consent. Where else can you get the morning newspaper, a sports magazine, your best Porn Chat mags, adult toys, and DVDs and some sex all under 1 roof? Every adult theater needs a little Voodoo in them. She played in The Annex and she played in the little theater. My hair had gotten a little fuller and I could see just the fringes of my natural sandy brown, where it had grown out from the strawberry shade Miss Loretta had put in a month ago. She put her clothes back on and, after a visit to the bathroom, she and her husband left the theater. I had an opportunity to meet her awhile back at The Paris, and Brent’s description is spot on.

Of course, they had a small crowd of men around them, waiting to pounce at the first opportunity. Doc here with a great Field Report by first time contributor, Foxes Hound. The Good Doctor could not ask for a more complete and thorough report than what Foxes Hound has submitted. The best Voodoo moment involved a long seduction between V Girl and a thin Asian man that got more and more intense. I was glad that they got a chance to watch Voodoo Girl in action, at least. Voodoo Girl is something else. Voodoo is a beautiful and sexy woman who looks like Sarah Silverman/ Selma Hayek. This is what the scammers in West Africa countries like Ghana and Nigeria know. His hunting ground on this expedition is the Berlin News Agency, in West Berlin, NJ. Ray relaxed the rules to let the action flow and guys kept streaming in to fuck her. If you didn’t mind a helping hand or mouth from him you could fuck or get your dick sucked from his wife who was a pretty good looking blond in her hard forties.

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