Review of Soul animation bile. to give encouragement to those who are sad

Review of Soul animation bile. to give encouragement to those who are sad In life, people are always asking themselves when will I succeed? Some people have been pursuing what they want all their lives. No matter how hard he tried, he still didn’t seem to reach his destination. Some people keep asking themselves why. We are not good enough? Or are we still missing something? Some blamed themselves. We will not be able to continue to suffer with our own negative thoughts.

The point we’re talking about is the core concept of Soul, which tells the story of Joe Gardner (voice of Jamie Foxx), a high school conductor. who has been fascinated with jazz since childhood His dream was to become a professional jazz musician. After he’s been called up to play Dorathy William (voice of Angela Bassett), an unparalleled jazz saxophonist. After going to rehearsal with Joe was invited to perform with the band

Joe was so happy that he lost his way on the phone without looking at the direction. So he fell into a puddle in the middle of the road. Soon his image was cut into a soul that was about to travel to the afterlife. But with the feeling that Joe was about to shine like a dream So he tried to escape and slipped into the premortal realm. which is the place where the personality cultivating for the souls who are about to travel to be born in the human world It was here that Joe met Twenty Two. (Voice by Tina Fey) A rebellious spirit who refuses to go down is born. Joe sees an opportunity if he can get Twenty Two to complete his personality. He might have a chance to return to the human world again.

In the midst of the imaginary land, the movie always intervenes with the idea of ​​searching for the meaning of life. Which is to say, Soul is an animated view that invites adults. (At least had to go through life for about one) tried to understand that. Sometimes the journey to the destination that you set yourself. Without looking at the stories that happened along the way, it may cause us to focus and suffer with the things we expect and never get. However, it is possible once the dream land is reached. We still haven’t found the happiness we are looking for anyway. So in the end, what exactly is happiness in our lives?

Soul will lead us to find that final answer. It’s something simple, heart-warming, หนังฝรั่ง and makes us cry a lot. At least it’s a movie that beautifully complements the value of living in the midst of today’s dire situations.

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