Peep Show Series 4 DVD Now Available

Calling all Peep Show fans! Channel 4s hit comedy series, Peep Show Series 4, is now obtainable for pre-order on DVD! Should you missed it on Tv now could be your chance to get your mitts on a duplicate of the funniest present of the yr. This Peep Show DVD is probably the most side splitting of the lot. Taking off the place series three left off it explores Marks doomed relationship with Sophie and Jeremys fixed time wasting actions, melbourne escorts including some “handy” work for a male pop star. Episode 1: Mark takes Jez along when he meets Sophies parents. Mark admits his love doubts to her Dad by mistake while Jeremy provides her mom a bit on the facet. For more info regarding melbourne escorts visit our own site. Episode 2: Mark takes the lead in his firm convention, alienating most of his staff in the process. Jez accepts an indecent proposal from Johnson and manages to lose massive Suze to him in doing so.

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