Pandoras unboxed- What to look for in your arcade console

No, we’re not talking jewellery. Pandora’s Box is a home gaming console pre-loaded with retro games that is available in a crazy amount of variations.

The fixed query being asked is… What’s the latest version of Pandora’s box?

From game depend, to model number to year of release and fit-out quality.. How do you selected the most effective or even the suitable Pandora’s box console for you?


The higher model number must mean its newer or better? a PB20 must be higher than a PB18.

and eight,000 games should be higher than four,500. The more the higher proper?

Are you really buying the best and latest 2020 or 2021 model? or just the most effective marketing pitch?

In short model numbers imply very little and when was the last time you performed 1,300 games and left upset you did not have 4,500 or even eight,000?

nobody mentions that, not all games will play well on every machine, and 15 versions of each game along with a heap of non English variations isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.


When you’ve looked on the web and eBay there is a loopy quantity of long ads with no mention of hardware specs or motherboard model and surprisingly a heap with no image of what the precise interface looks like..

We’ve reached out to finishless sellers on totally different platforms and bought from many as well. While there are those who know their product, the consensus is that many don’t.

So what are you truly shopping for? A pretty box?


You may find an abundance of opinions on YouTube which can be very useful, just make certain you cross reference and as mentioned under check and confirm the precise specs. For example how does a particular Pandora’s Box console perform?

Two YouTube movies regarding the Pandora Box 12s from Chigz Tech Critiques which collectively obtained over 286,338 views show a 12s with three,333 games.

Both units were rated “the best performing pandora box he had tested to date with no noticeable lag”. The primary evaluation was a real 12S PSA-H3-H001 (A7 Quad-core) which is a mid tier performer that will show signs of lag on games like Mario Kartwork 64.

However the second evaluate was a considerably faster PSA-S812-S001 (A9 12-core) which is definitely an 18s/Saga. There is simply no comparing the two. On account of runout stock this was branded and unknowingly sold by many as a 12s.

So for those who had been to observe this evaluation and buy a 12s you would be underwhelmed and find yourself with a a lot slower H3 console.

For more information on pandora’s box game list take a look at the site.

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