Pandora’s Box 5S Evaluate

Pandora’s Box 5S is really big device. I didn’t think that it is so big, when looked at Chinese online store. So imagine my surprise, once I acquired the massive package of 70 by 24 by 16 cm. The machine comes in model box with some inscriptions, corresponding to Multi-game family box, hundreds of basic games, Super High Video decision, and other stuff. It sound impressive, and I already want to play.

When you open the box, you will see different accessories, similar to energy supply, VGA cable, HDMI cable, USB cable, two spare gaming buttons and user handbook in English. The cables are really long and robust, so that you shouldn’t have any problems.

Now let’s look at Pandora’s Box 5S.

Just like the package, the gaming console is fairly big. Additionally it weights about 3.2 kg. The image on device is gorgeous; nonetheless, it could be cool if the buyer can select from some images. Maybe, there may be, but GearBest online store sells only with this design.

Here you possibly can see two sets of buttons for 2 players, akin to joystick, play/pause, player, and A/B/C/D/E/F buttons. The buttons are usually not signed, but I think this will not be a problem.

The rear panel provides totally different ports. There are connectors for each new and old TVs. So, you need to use HDMI port to attach Pandora’s Box 5S to new TVs or monitors, as well as VGA port to connect to old TVs. Also there’s energy port, 3.5 mm audio jack, quantity rocker, CFG button, and two USB ports. I am not sure why you need USB ports, because there are already 999 pre-installed games, but perhaps you’ll be able to download even more.

By the way, I can not see speaker grilles, but Pandora’s Box 5S has constructed-in speaker. One other interesting characteristic is RGB backlight of buttons.

I don’t think that you are really all for specs, moreover, there isn’t a information about hardware on GearBest product page. So, let’s turn it on, and play some games.

So, I connected Pandora’s Box 5S to my monitor by way of HDMI cable. When the gaming console is loaded, you will be the menu with all games. The left side of the screen provides the list of games, while on the best you’ll be able to see preview. Also, there’s a tutorial tips on how to choose the game with buttons and joystick.

I discovered very interesting games from my childhood, reminiscent of unique Mortal Fight, Super Mario, and even Simpsons. As you’ll be able to see, there are 999 games in total. Let’s play some of them.

I want to note that games are started pretty fast. You shouldn’t wait for a long time to play the game. As for the efficiency, I don’t have any problems. All the games are retro, so that you don’t need a super powerful hardware to run them.

Pandora’s Box 5S: Conclusion

So, Pandora’s Box 5S is wonderful gaming console with retro games. It has the sets of buttons for 2 players, built-in speaker, RGB backlight, 999 games and connectors for both old and new TVs. If in case you have nostalgia, or you’re a fan of retro games, then Pandora’s Box 5S will be great gadget for you. To be sincere, I do not see any flaws. It’s nice gaming console for its price – about $150.

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