Pandora Box 18S Pro arcade machine

Each time i think back to my childhood i remember visiting the local arcade on a weekend, when away with my mother and father at the caravan park. It was great fun, meeting up with my friends and dropping 10p pieces into the arcade machine (my favourite one was Gauntlet by the way).

Moving 37 years on (strive not to work my age out) and whilst i’m still very a lot into gaming, owning the PS5, Xbox Series X, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch to name just a couple of gaming platforms. I really miss the urge of booting up an oldie Goldie game from the retro era.

Now you’ll be able to go down different routes in this space, and in the event you just google retro gaming, you will be faced with many thousands of posts and sites showing you tips on how to get many of the older platforms to play in the privacy of your own home.

This will range from buying a handheld with retro arcade emulators built-in such as the Anbernic RG351P or using one of many older handhelds such because the Sony PSP to put your own emulators on. You can even do this directly onto your Smart TV. As another reviewer likes to say it really is a Jungle out there, when it comes to Retro Gaming.

The other option available to you for retro gaming is the Pandora Box (now this really is a jungle). There are such a lot of of these home arcade machines available and they literally all do very related things. The principle one being able to hook as much as your TV or monitor and be graced with hundreds upon 1000’s of retro games, all playable using true arcade sticks and buttons.

There are many, and i imply MANY completely different variations of the Pandora Box out there. But for this evaluate i will be looking on the Pandora Box 18S Pro which was sent to me for evaluation functions by an organization called Ploylab. They specialise in retro gaming and sell totally different variations of the Pandora Box. The 18S Pro they sent me is certainly one of their latest models and comes with some neat features which the older generation of Pandora Box don’t have.

When the Pandora box 18S arrived, it was very well packaged and surprisingly i was not slammed with any duty or taxes, which is something you need to be aware of when receiving anything of this type from outside of the UK.

As you may see within the picture above it came with a multitude of accessories, including 2x imitation PS controllers, VGA cable to connect to a monitor, HDMI cable to connect to a HD television (this was very long at around 8ft), USB cable, USB hub (to plug the controllers into), 2 spare buttons, guide (in English) and the Pandora Box itself.

One thing i should level out is which you could purchase totally different variations, so not all Pandora Boxes will come with the additional controllers, although you will receive everything else.

I wished to quickly mention the controllers before heading into the machine itself. As you may see they look similar to the old Playstation Controllers, which actually sit nicely in your hands. This will assist you to have up to four players, great for the likes of Gauntlet etc. Nonetheless don’t be fooled by how similar they look to the PS controllers, as these do not feel anything like them when holding them in your hands.

They really feel very light and low cost, and at first i used to be very disenchanted when i picked them up. They just don’t feel right, it was like picking up a kind of cakes which looks like a strawberry, but if you bite into it, it tastes like a lemon (it tries to trick the mind). Generally they would switch off and stop working, and other instances they’d work just fine. I really don’t know if i may or would suggest these with your purchase, as you can probably purchase other ones which are better made/quality else where.

The Pandora box itself then again is the star of the show. The build quality is great, and whilst it doesn’t use original Sanwa buttons or arcade sticks, they’re all very responsive with a lovely clicky feel to them, reminding me of my childhood days.

To find out more information about pandora’s box game visit the website.

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