Nissan Appoints Guillaume Cartier Chairperson Of The AMIEO Region

paneraiNissan Motor announced Guillaume Cartier as its new Chairperson for the Africa, Middle East, India, Europe and Oceania (AMIEO) region. Cartier will report to vice-chief functionality officer and chief top quality officer, Christian Vandenhende. Effective April 1st, Cartier will lead all Nissan operations in the area, which covers additional than 140 markets across 4 continents with a population of around 3.8 billion persons, representing additional than 30 per cent of global automobile sales. With more than 25 years’ practical experience at Nissan and in the Alliance in global and regional leadership positions, Cartier will lead the new area as the Nissan Next transformation program continues to gather pace and with crucial models in Europe such as Qashqai and Ariya launching quickly, and as the brand continues to develop in the AMIO markets, thanks to a powerful vehicle line-up ranging from the iconic Patrol to the lately launched Magnite in India. Cartier will replace Gianluca De Ficchy, who served for three years as Chairperson of Nissan Europe and latterly of the expanded AMIEO region. Currently Vice-Chairperson of the AMIEO area and AMI President, Cartier 1st joined Nissan in 1995 as right after-sales manager and went on to hold a number of senior management positions in the Alliance, such as AMI Chairperson, head of the Global Datsun Business Unit, Executive Officer and Senior Vice President for Mitsubishi Motors, and Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing in Europe.

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