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Adrian Peterson: The ultimate goal is to win the championship

This year, the 35-year-old veteran, Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Adrian Peterson, said that he would like to play at least 4 years.

If Piteson really can play four years, theoretically he still have the opportunity to surpass the wholesale nfl jerseys scorpion code Wang Emite-Smith Smith, Wholesale NFL Jerseys China the difference between the two is 4000 yards.

However, this is not Speedson’s true eye, he told reporters: “This is not my ultimate goal. This is one of my priority goals, but I am most eager to achieve the championship. When I entered the league, I gave myself One of the targets is to surpass Goat. My body is now very good, I look forward to another year, 3-4 years. “

“Who know? This depends on my body. I don’t know how the code gap is so close: 4000. It sounds better than 5000, 6000. & Hellip; & hellip; I will do my best to approach this goal, I will go to you guarantee.”

If you want to reach a target, Piteson will take at least the 1035 yards every year. He pushed 1042 yards in 2018, and the 898 yards were advanced last season.

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