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You don’t have to jump in the deep end right away and say that you want 12 guys to ganbang her within the first 3 conversations, there is a middle ground. But while these mega-companies have the money and manpower to monitor traffic and fight lawsuits, FOSTA is likely to harm, if not totally decimate, the nonprofits and small community organizations that don’t have such resources. While more research is needed, we believe that all adults, regardless of age or living arrangements, should be able pursue love and intimacy. Assisted living differs from skilled nursing facilities because they are intended to provide minimal to moderate levels of help with everyday tasks in a homelike environment that emphasizes choice and control for the residents. It might appear that older adults, especially the oldest old, are less interested in sex and less sexually active than younger adults, but sexual behavior and desire involve more than how often people have sex. Younger groups of older adults are more likely to be married or partnered, live independently and have more active lifestyles than older cohorts, which facilitates access to best sex xxx and intimacy. Other reasons included internalised ageism, evidenced by older adults reporting concern about what the health professional would think when they knew that they were sexually active “at their age”.

Staff and administrators in this study cited various reasons why they limited sexual freedoms in assisted living, including safety, family concern and consent. Because family members were frequently the ones selecting and paying for the care, staff and administrators were also concerned about family perceptions of residents’ sexual behaviors. Additionally, as the number of older adults with dementia in assisted living increases, staff and administrators will need to prepare for the ethical dilemmas regarding sex and dementia. Ethics around sexuality and dementia are still emerging and facilities tend to err on the side of protection. Policies and trainings on sexuality, aging and dementia have the potential to both protect the autonomy and independence of older adults in assisted living and prevent staff and administrators from acting according to stereotypes rather than the true needs of older adults. In order to do this, we conducted interviews and focus groups with staff and administrators in six assisted living facilities in a large southeastern city. At least one nursing home has been successful at creating and implementing a policy that supports sexual freedom, which could serve as a model for assisted living and other long-term care settings.

Impressive! Amanda was at home doing knitting and crochet work as she shared with a photo. In Riverside County, Calif., home to retirement Mecca Palm Springs, reported cases were up 50 percent over the five-year span, according to data from that county’s health department. Living status, health concerns, desire and other factors vary widely across this spectrum. At one end of the spectrum is the lonely, frail, cognitively impaired older adult who has no interest in or capacity for pursuing a relationship. On the other end are the frisky, swinging singles who are at risk of STDs. And those born in the 1950s and subsequent decades, will have specific expectations about health care and are thus less likely than previous generations to keep quiet about their sexual health needs as they become older themselves. For example, staff needing access to resident rooms to provide housekeeping or care would frequently engage in what we term “the knock and walk,” whereby staff would give a cursory knock and then enter the room without waiting for a response.

If doctors leave it to older adults to ask about their sexual concerns, and older adults leave it to their doctors to raise the issue, then a clear unmet need exists. Most of our respondents recognized the need for sexual expression and the desire of residents to have intimate relationships. Interested in the sexual lives of older adults, we studied life in assisted living facilities and found their rules and practices make it difficult for seniors to develop romantic relationships. Multiple social and health barriers can limit opportunities to pursue sexual relationships. We wanted to know more about opportunities for and barriers to sexual expression in this emerging environment. I know because I immersed myself in it for a year (in my late fifties), and believe me, whether I was encountering horny young men or equally horny (if less crude) older men, the ultimate aim was sex. As researchers who study gerontology, we wanted to examine whether seniors’ sex lives were being respected and protected. People who work in assisted living have to think about the needs of all residents in the facility and justify limitations as for the good of the whole.

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