Matric Symbols and What They Mean

Bought your matric outcomes and feeling a little confused with all of the lingo? What are matric symbols and what do they mean? Discover out exactly what a Higher Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree pass is true here.

How are Matric Outcomes Calculated?
25% of your matric mark comes from the evaluation you may have finished all through the year. This contains your assignments, class tests and exams. The other seventy five% comes out of your ultimate matric exam.

Matric Symbols
Each matric image provides you provisional acceptance into a specific study programme. Relying on what you want to study, these marks can significantly affect your future plans:

Higher Certificate: This matric image provides you provisional entrance into any school or certificate course.

Diploma Pass: You will be able to check at a Technikon or research a diploma course.

Bachelor’s Degree Pass: You will get provisional entry into any University or degree course.

Their Meanings
To pass your National Senior Certificate (NSC) you will need no less than forty% in three subjects, including your private home language and 30% in three other subjects. To acquire a selected matric image, you will have to get a required percentage. Have a look at these below:

Higher Certificate
To gain a higher certificates pass, you will need to get the following marks:

Meet the minimal necessities for a NSC (This consists of forty% on your home language).
Get hold of at least 30% for the language of learning at the institution you’re applying for.
Diploma Pass
So as to receive a diploma pass it’s essential to get the following marks:

Meet the minimum requirements for a NSC ( This consists of forty% for your residence language).
A minimum of forty% in four subjects.
Bachelor’s Degree Pass
Want to enrol for a degree programme? You will want:

Meet the minimal requirements for a NSC (This contains forty% for your home language).
At the very least 50% for 4 subjects.
Get hold of at least 30% for the language of learning on the institution you’re applying for.

Where can I get my Matric Results?
The matric 2020 results will be launched on 23 February 2021. You may access them on the following methods:

News Websites: News websites will update their pages with matric outcomes the day of release.

From Your School: Your school will be able to provide you with your last results.

On-line: Visit and click on the link for 2020 NSC examination results.

Now that you’ve the knowledge on Matric Symbols and What They Imply you can resolve what the next move will be.

For those who don’t get the pass you need, you possibly can always improve your marks with supplementary exams, matric upgrade or adult matric.

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