Magic Grandpa To Free Stuff: The A To Z Of The 2020 General Election

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In the episode The Beginning, the guard sleeping in front of the nuclear power plant console is named Homer (as in The Simpsons). In Die Hand Die Verletzt, the characters Paul Vitalis and Deborah Brown were named after prominent online X-Philes. After Chris Carter had walked out of the room, Snow put his hand and forearm on the keyboard in frustration. The Ausbury family in Die Hand Die Verletzt is named after Jill Ausbury, a fan. Writer Glen Morgan says he named Nurse Owens in One Breath after his grandmother. The classic Spencer Tracy movie Bad Day at Black Rock inspired writer Frank Spotnitz to pen Our Town. Rob and Laura Petrie, aliases used by Mulder and Scully posing as a married couple are names taken from the classic TV show The Dick Van Dyke Show. In Little Green Men, a senator called Richard Matheson was a nod to the great Hollywood scriptwriter and author of many classic science-fiction and horror stories, including several episodes of Chris Carter’s favorite series, Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

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