Initiation Into Chakras

To start with, let’s examine what are these things so many individuals call chakras? While the word “Chakra” means vortex or wheel, lets say chakras are energy centers. They also act like an energy filter, when they’re maintained healthy your health is in an excellent state too, and you find it a lot easier to transform negative emotions into positive emotions.

Humans have seven main chakras, which are, from bottom to top:

– Muladhara or base chakra, root – it has the red coloration and it is situated at the base of the backbone, the first chakra.

– Svadhistana or sacral chakra, sexual – it is the second chakra, with the color orange, its location being within the sacral space and is linked to the genital organs.

– Manipura or solar plexus chakra – the third chakra, yellow in colour, is located in the solar plexus and it is related to the digestive system and metabolism.

– Anahata or heart chakra – the fourth chakra is green and is in the chest, with influences on the heart and immune system.

– Vishuddha or the throat chakra – is the fifth chakra, turquoise colored, located within the neck, influencing expression and communication.

– Ajna or forehead chakra, additionally called the third eye – the sixth chakra, the color indigo, located in the middle of the forehead, affects the senses, intuition and thinking.

– Sahasrara or crown chakra – the violet seventh chakra, positioned at the top of the head is the spiritual connection with the common consciousness, eternal truth.

Chakras can get affected in different ways, from a subtle off balance to a more severe situation leading to blockages of energy; these conditions could lead to physical health problems, from a discomfort in a sure space to something more serious, like a medical condition.

To get your chakras unlocked, balanced and / or open you’ll be able to combine a number of strategies including the next:

· On the physical level healthy eating helps chakras. The colours around us can even affect the corresponding chakras, however a color emphasis ought to only be maintained for a limited interval, so as not to have an effect on the other chakras (right here I discuss with artificial colours, do not exaggerate by avoiding a picnic in the park because you already have a green shirt on you).

· On the emotional level, any positive feelings assist to unblock the chakras, the more intense, the more we live it totally, the more the chakras are helped to resume proper form. Standing around glad, joyful and cheerful people, we receive positive energy from them and in our flip we give positive energy.

· On the spiritual level we are able to use meditation to clean the chakras, to nurture and develop them.

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