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iStock ImageFront raid man is handsome: I don’t think about going out

Although the raid people have appointed Tony Spranano, certain team temporary coach, the public opinion has been thinking that Jon Gruden is the boss Mark Davis. The genuine candidate. Recently, Grunetton said in the Mike & amp; Mike program, it will not consider the coaching.

“Whenever there are some friends in the industry, some friends, expert analysts, well-known bloggers will mention the name of the monks, I am very grateful to them to see me.” Grunette said with a joke, “But said Really, I am currently focusing on explaining the position, I will not consider any team of coaching, let alone the season has been in a quarter. “

The raids can only get 12.8 outlets this season, and they are unspeakable in the union bottom, four battles, Dennis Allen, unsuitable. Grunette has achieved 38 wins and 26-linked records during the raid in the 1998-101, and the playoffs were put into the playoffs and never had a record of less than 50%. After being traded in 2002 (you didn’t look wrong, it was traded) to the pirate, the raid person not only hit the pirates that were led by Groad in the super bowl of the 2002 season, and there was no season’s winner. During this time, wholesale nfl jerseys the team has replaced 7 main coaches. Perhaps, cheap nfl jerseys finding a correct team building direction is much more important than persuading Groen.

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