home weight loss techniques But the results were better than expected.

During this period, it must be agreed that both women and men They turned more and more intent on their appearance. In addition, the topic of skin care, dressing, as well as taking care of one’s body. however, many people It’s not busy enough to exercise the body. Or some people are too lazy to exercise. There is a simple way to lose weight. Without having to exert yourself to be tired, but can do various rights or benefits for your body clearly.

Pay attention to IF weight loss.

At the moment there is a way to lose weight. More and more, quite a bit for us to choose from. and ลดความอ้วน body management IF diet, Ketogenic diet, including weight loss diet But in some people who want to be thin in a short time, they choose to take a diet pill. Which can be said that it is a method that works quickly. But it is not lasting and leads to health problems that can be serious, even fatal.

A good way to lose weight needs to be one that doesn’t overdo it and doesn’t compromise your physical condition. Due to the reduction of the puppet, it takes time. If overdoing it more than necessary may cause discouragement. even did not want to continue For this reason, we must choose a method that is suitable for ourselves and does not harm our health. which is a popular weight loss approach It is a guideline that can actually lose weight. and does not destroy health, which is to reduce the shape of the IF

Lean gains Lean gains are defined as eating for 8 hours and not eating for 16 hours, also known as the 8/16 formula, suitable for beginners.

Intermittent Fasting Fast 5 is a rather raw diet. Because it was only eating for 5 hours and not eating for 19 hours regularly.

Intermittent Fasting with Eat stop Eat Dieting with Eat stop Eat means it’s important to not eat one to two times a week. As for days that do not starve, they can eat normally. But it must be eaten appropriately and is sufficient for the appetite of the body. however, this method does not Recommendations for weight loss initiatives Because it will cause the feeling of needing more food the next day and also affects the mood.

5:2 Intermittent Fasting The 5:2 diet involves a typical 5-day diet, as well as a 2-day fasting diet, where you can choose to do it two days later or apart. This approach is not to skip meals throughout the day. Instead, it will reduce the amount of food you eat. For example, a male can eat 600 calories and a female can eat 500 calories, or approximately 1/4. of calories received per day

Things to know before losing weight

Can you reduce your meals? Because even if you can’t reduce it from the start, I don’t think this approach is right for you. It’s better to find another way to reduce body shape than doing IF for what? Basically, there are two goals of the IF approach: to lose body shape and to do it for a healthier body. Even doing it for a healthy body You don’t have to cut down on food. Maybe you can split the calories just right in one or two meals, for example, divide 750-900 calories per meal.

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