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Book: “Biblical Moses and the last king of Mari Zimri-Lim are the same person” USA, “THE EAST: Ancient & Modern”. 2021. ISBN: 9781953594990

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ANNOTATION: In the book, referring to the 3 independent sources written in the XVIII century BC, the author establishes that Moses, Joshua and other characters of the Torah actually existed in real history, and the Exodus of the Jews did actually happen. Referring to those sources, author recreates the true picture of the events, as well as restores the further fate of the heroes of the Pentateuch. According to this source, author states that Moses is the last king of Mari = Zimri-Lim; Jethro = Šumu-Epuh (king of Yamhad); “Pharaoh-oppressor” = Šamši-Adad I (king of Assyria); “Pharaoh of Exodus” = Hammurabi; Chedorlaomer = Joshua; country of Midian = Yamhad; country of Kush = Moab = Qatna = Nabatea, Harran = Hauran = region of Basan, Reed Sea = The Dead Sea. Finally, the Exodus had occurred in 1759 BC in Mari, 2 years after its occupation by Hammurabi. According to the author, Moses was violently killed in about 1745 BC on the territory of modern Jordan. Abraham was his younger contemporary. The authorship of “Genesis” belongs to Joseph.

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