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Carolina Black Panther signed the old will safely Wei Jujus-Bird

The Carolina Black Leopard seems to find short-term substitutes cheap nike jerseys for sale their injured Safety & Kurt Coleman.

Black Lega has announced that they have signed safe Wei Jairus Byrd that has been selected cheap nike jerseys for sale career bowls. He will fill the vacancies left by Kobman due to the lack of sprays in the inside of the knee.

Bird was played in Buffalo Bore in his career, and his performance was excellent, cheap jerseys usa and 22 copies were obtained in 66 first. In 2014, he joined the New Orleans Saint of $ 56 million in a contract of $ 56 million. But he is there being injured and poor performance, causing him to be cut off this year.

In the case of Coleman, Bird will help the Leopard second-line defense for discount jerseys only three healthy safety and safety.

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