Freshen Up A Bit, You Know?

The room was quite large, there was even a king-sized bed in one corner, then she looked across at Dr. Swan, as she continued to fuck the softly moaning girl, and even in her own distress, Chelsy realised that her employer had a truly beautiful body, not really hinted at under her normally loose work clothing. As her mind absorbed this unexpected re-action, she finally realised that the young girl was no longer moaning in pain . The Doctor reached down with one hand, and began fingering her anus, and the girl started moaning in pain again as she felt the fingers invading her rear-end. She had been fingering her own rear-end with her other hand, and she groaned loudly now as she collapsed on the girl, having her own orgasm while the young girl flooded the table with her juices. Chelsy, who was completely overcome by now with the whole thing, looked on dazedly, as her own pussy throbbed. Her swelling thighs and lovely legs were stretched wide open, her pussy obscenely displayed, her feet were locked in the stirrups. Her small waist swelled out to curvaceous hips and a luscious ass that melded into lovely thighs and long legs.

It was only then that Chelsy saw the rubber cock strapped to her hips . Doctor was fucking the girl with a strap-on dildo, a rubber cock! After a couple of minutes the Doctor pushed herself upright, and before Chelsys horrified eyes, positioned the head of the dildo at the girls anus, and without hesitation drove the rubber cock deep into the unconscious girlsass, and started to fuck her limp body. And I have wanted to fuck you for a long time, my sweet darling girl. And she laughed, drooling a little as she continued to fuck the young girl. She sat up a little taller and said Im eighteen and will be nineteen next month. For the first time she began to feel a little scared, the sound was louder now, but definitely coming from whatever was behind this door. She found the file almost immediately, and was about to leave, when she became aware of a strange muffled noise, it seemed to be coming from behind the door in the back of the office. Her wrists and ankles were strapped to the table, her lovely ass was in the air at the far end, and a naked Dr. Swan stood behind her, facing Chelsy.

She was on her back with her gorgeous ass up in the air, her wrists were strapped to the arms of the chair. Moaning, she fought against the exhaustion which threatened to overwhelm her – she had been in this position for almost two hours – and she tried to steady herself as she wiped her cheeks against her raised arms. A grey granite topped vanity ran along one mirrored wall, with two separate sinks, and there was a large separate shower Sex Gif stall with frosted glass doors. It was a black tinted glass and also raised the one in his side. She was writhing in pain from what was being done to her lovely naked body, her head rolled from side to side as she moaned softly in one continuous long wail. The nylon lines had a certain stretch built in them, there was a small but needed tolerance that eased the pain on her extremely sensitive goodies. The rings had bought her much pleasure in the past, as Mistress had played her body like a fine violin, an instrument of love, the controlled pain was an extremely erotic pleasure. For those who are too intimidated to try it on their own or check out something like a members’ only dungeon, the expo provides an opportunity in a more neutral environment: a convention center


> They do not dominate the story but they are significant to the plot. These details are excellent and the embedded videos very helpful. Sometimes men ask for specific photos or videos. Male: If women can share their men with another woman, it is not the same with men. So, should men stop approaching women then? She screamed then froze, unable to move, as Dr. Swan looked up and saw her, and reluctantly pulled away from her young victim. The Doctor finally pulled out of the girl, and held the dildo as it bobbed around in front of her, then waved it at Chelsy suggestively! Then the girl passed out, and after a minute or two, the doctor pulled out of her, panting wildly. All the while she was talking she was ramming the dildo into the young girl, who was panting in pleasurenow, obviously welcoming the abuse of her young body


> Chelsy watched in fascination despite herself, as the Doctor fucked the heaving girl, she was quite expert at it thought Chelsy rather clinically. Dr. Swan leaned forward as she thrust once more into the girl, then she saw that Chelsy was awake, and smiled with pleasure as she looked at her new captive, her eyes taking in the loveliness now spread open before her. As Chelsy looked rather dazedly up, she saw her sexy looking body reflected in the mirrored ceiling, which extended throughout the room, and she looked around, as much as she could in her limited position. After a minute of this the girl came around, and screamed once more . Her mind came back to the present, if she even started to drift off, she would begin to lose her upright posture, she would start to slide down. After the girlfriend found out they tracked her down at the school and proceeded to beat her up in the presecene of the boy that she had hooked up


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