Essential Reasons You Should Be Using a Link Shortener

Are you using a link shortener yet on your website links and affiliate links? If not, you ought to be! And it’s simple to do.

You’ll be able to choose to use a web-based link shortener like TinyURL, or ShortURL. Or, you may install the GoCodes plugin for WordPress or a free script like Shorty on your own domain and keep in command of your affiliate links. Utilizing your own domain as the bottom for your short links enables you to build links to your site, build your brand, and be accountable for the place the links are pointing to.

There are three essential reasons I counsel bloggers and on-line business owners shorten their links.

1. They make it easier to share on social networks.

Particularly on Twitter, where you only have 140 characters to share your ideas, every character counts! An extended URL can take up half of your house when you aren’t careful. By shortening the link you give yourself more room to “talk” and also make it easier for others to retweet your tweet and share it with their followers.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and different social networks also have limits on how many characters lengthy each of your standing updates can be. Do not waste your space with lengthy URLs.

2. They let you protect your affiliate links and replace as needed.

If you promote affiliate products, you want to protect your affiliate links so that you just get credit for the sales you consult with a product or service.

With an everyday affiliate link, you may need something like that is straightforward for somebody to just go direct to the domain. Worse yet, unscrupulous marketers might grab your tweet or status update from a social network and share it – but with their code rather than yours! Using a shortened link prevents someone from simply eliminating your affiliate code. Of course, they will still switch out the link fully, but why make it straightforward for them?

Another circumstance that shortened links you can management are good for is if you happen to’re promoting affiliate products and your advice changes. If in case you have a link of and at this time you are promoting SuperHost123, you need to use your shortened link to level there. If SuperHost123 goes out of business otherwise you find a better option at BestHost789 you’ll be able to simply change your link to level to your new recommendation–and the same short link still works.

3. You can track your links to see what’s getting clicked.

Using some link shorteners provides you an easy way to track what number of clicks your links are getting. With HootSuite’s link shortner, for those who select to shorten with, you possibly can simply access statistics on what number of times your link was clicked and when. Using the GoCodes plugin for WordPress additionally lets you see what number of occasions your links have been clicked.

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