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The problem with round stones is that they’re

very difficult to pick up because they’re

very, very hot.

So we can make a set of fire tongs that’ll

help us pick those up.

And to make a set of fire tongs, what I’ve

done is just found a stick, broken in half,

that has something that’s joining it in the


And that can be bark, or it can be a piece

of stick like this that has a natural fork

in it that I can close together and pick things


So if I want to pick up a rock . . . these

are a little bit flimsy, but if I want to

pick up a rock, I can pick up a hot rock and

I’m not going to burn my hand.

So I can pick it up and move it around the

fire, or I can pick it up and put it in my

bowl to burn with.

And this might be a better set right here.

These ends aren’t even on this set of fire

tongs, so if I want to even out the ends,

which is important; they have to be the same

length, I can slowly cut away.

And when I’m cutting, I’m just taking the

stroke of the knife and pushing it with my

thumb, using it as a fulcrum.

So I can cut like this, and that’ll allow

me to cut.

One of the other ways that I can cut deeper

is to take my knife and put it vertically,

and hit it with another stick, which is called

a billet.

And that’ll allow me to cut into that piece

of wood.

And not quite ready to break yet.

So we’ll do the same from the other side.

So I’ll cut deep.

I’ll cut a little bit into it, kind of whittle

it away.

And this is the same technique that you’d

use to do any sort of woodworking, or any

sort of cutting with your wood.

Now it’s ready to pop off.

So our ends are a little bit closer to even,

and we can trim off the other one, too.

Usually when you’re chopping, tea tong wholesale I’m chopping

onto this piece of stone.

You want to have a piece of wood underneath,

especially if you’re using a billet, so you

don’t drive your knife into the stone.

And it makes, if you look at it, a really

nice flat end.

Almost looks like it was cut with a saw.

And this is a good way to grab things.

We’ve got some sticks in the way.

We can get rid of those as well.

So I have these tongs that’ll help me pick

up stones that I’ll be able to use to cook.

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