Blue's Clues' Steve tells viewers he's 'glad we're still friends'

The Silicon Valley giant will scan all photos linked from iPhones to the Cloud for child pornography – with images cross-checked against a database from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Twitter user Doxie made the discovery, posting a thread to Twitter showing that sites like The Washington Post, New York Magazine, The Huffington Post and making love more all had 5 Star HD Porn videos embedded on their article pages. Motherboard found that archived versions of these stories previously had VidMe embeds where the porn now is. 

Founded in 2016, OnlyFans says it has more than 130 million users and 2 million creators worldwide. However, recent reports suggest the site’s status as a popular destination for amateur adult content has made it difficult to attract investors. 

For a young child who might have seen the episode and been unable to distinguish Steve from Blue’s Clues and his Law and Order character, his ‘death’ might cause confusion and be an easy place to start a rumor.

It ultimately couldn’t compete, and closed its virtual doors in 2017. Its domain was apparently recently purchased by a porn site, 5 Star HD Porn. The result is that websites that used to host VidMe clips now have embedded clips of extremely NSFW porn videos.  Do you remember VidMe? It was a video hosting and streaming site set up in 2014 that hoped to compete with YouTube.

He was engaged to former Miss USA Shanna Moakler – mother of his eldest child, Atiana – but the relationship ended in September 2000 when Moakler, who was at home watching the Latin Grammys saw De La Hoya escorting another woman to the show.

It’s possibly the most dramatic example of the risks posed by link rot. The result is that old articles often have broken links to deleted YouTube videos or removed tweets — the latter of which are particularly prevalent after President Donald Trump’s banishment from social media platforms.  Blogs and news sites regularly embed YouTube clips, Facebook and Instagram posts, and tweets into articles.

In his clip, De La Hoya appeared to be having trouble breathing, before he looked directly into the camera and stated: ‘What are the chances of me getting COVID? I’ve been taking care of myself and this really, really kicked my a**’. 

Doxie stumbled on the issue while searching for content for an Instagram meme page and discovered a Facebook page with undetected pornographic images. “It’s quite absurd in my opinion.” “I just think it’s funny when multibillion dollar companies make ‘mistakes’ like this (and get away with it) but will likely turn around to blame their algorithms and technology,” Doxie told CNET.

Apple was one of the first major companies to embrace ‘end-to-end’ encryption, in which messages are scrambled so that only their senders and recipients can read them. Law enforcement, however, has long pressured the company for access to that information in order to investigate crimes such as terrorism or child sexual exploitation. 

“We are in the process of permanently removing this content whenever it appears,” a spokesperson for the Huffington Post said. At the time of this writing, The Washington Post and Huffington Post appear to have rectified the issue. The pornographic embed is still live on the New York Magazine site, as well as other publications, like Complex.

And I’m super glad we’re still friends’ True friends: Looking back on the years since in a surprise video on Nick Jr’s Twitter, Burns – who left the show for college in 2002 – told audiences: ‘I just wanted to say that after all these years I never forgot you.

But many people do not realize their phones are synching with the Cloud – and Snowden said 85 per cent of iPhone users have their phones set up to synch to the Cloud. Apple say that any users who do not want their phones to be scanned can switch off the linkage to the Cloud.

The site has been gearing up to capture a market beyond its established base of pornography seekers, and to position itself as another online gig-economy platform for content creators, akin to Patreon. The ban came just days after OnlyFans kicked off a promotional push for the nude-less version of its app.

Okay, you remember how when we were younger we used to run around and hang out with Blue and find clues and talk to Mr. ‘Hi, you got a second? Salt and freak out about the mail and do all the fun stuff?’ Steve said in the new video.

‘The best form of protection for our kids is knowing where they are, who they are engaging with online and in the real world, and knowing what really happens under someone’s roof,’ AFP Detective Sergeant Jarryd Dunbar said.

(I unearthed a few such sites this way.) Users added to the thread sites they found to still be unwittingly hosting the NSFW content.  The Twitter user who posted about the issue noted that doing an internet search on VidMe plus any keyword now surfaced sites that had hosted VidMe content, which has since been replaced with the 5 Star embeds.

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