Benefits Of Impact Windows & Doors

When it involves home windows and doors to your residence, you have got many options. Whether you’re looking for a primary entry door or home windows that can withstand a heavy storm, these house elements provide protection and peace of mind.

Impact resistant home windows and doors are among the many hottest dwelling upgrades. Especially in places where hurricanes and powerful winds are a priority, these products may be extremely useful. However, storm protection isn’t the only benefit of those products. Keep reading as we dive into just a few of the underappreciated advantages of impact resistant home windows and doors.

One strong benefit of those doors and windows is that only one set up project is required. In case you choose to have these installed, it’s vital to note that you have to substitute your whole window. This is completely different from applying a particular coating to your current glass to offer some level of added protection. But as soon as these are set in place, the installation is complete. No further therapies or reapplications are necessary.

Installing impact resistant home windows and doors provides the following benefits:

Reduced hassle

Higher peace of mind


Clear and straightforward process

Save Time on Storm Preparation

If you happen to live in Florida, storm preparation is an everyday occurrence. While there may be many steps in this process, installing impact resistant windows and doors will help substantially. These products are designed to withstand powerful winds and even direct impacts, providing a sense of security to your family. Additionally, these house components don’t require any additional parts. While hurricane shutters are widespread storm preparation tools, persistently installing these and putting them in storage can be a hassle.


Aside from storm protection, security may be the most important reason to install impact resistant dwelling products. Sadly, many properties are constructed with home windows and doors that can break easily. While a robust breeze might not cause damage, a burglar may break into these home windows and doors with ease. Especially if you live in a busy city, settling for lower-quality dwelling components may pose a serious risk. If you want an additional layer of security to protect your loved ones, installing impact resistant home windows and doors might be the best resolution in your home.

Homeowners often select a couple of areas of their property to install these components. Some common areas include:

Sliding glass door

Bedroom: single-hung or casement home windows

Ground-floor: fixed/picture home windows

Impact resistant home windows and doors provide a strong line of protection in your home.

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Built for protection

Impact resistant windows and doors have incredible strength and durability. In fact, a burglar may strike your window or door with a crowbar, and while the glass could crack, it would keep securely in the frame, preventing entry to your home. This is because of the sturdy, clear interlayer bonded within the glass. These windows and doors provide a high level of residence protection towards the most typical break-in methods.


Do you could have loud neighbors or live in a busy city? Not only are impact resistant windows and doors constructed for the most intense storm conditions, but additionally they help to reduce noise. For those who live in a busy, active space, noise generally is a critical problem. This is very true if you happen to work from home.

Thick, High-Quality Glass

Impact resistant windows and doors provide sound protection thanks to their multiple layers. The various density of the a number of layers of glass works to soak up and scatter sound waves. This minimizes exterior noise entering your property, leading to fewer distractions and elevated productivity. In a latest survey, 63% of those that had put in impact home windows said they rarely or never hear outside noise.

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