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The best thing we, as parents, can do is to keep perspective – keep in mind we’re the parents and they are our children; the same children that were sent to us to protect and love and raise properly. One of the ways we can meet our goal is to provide an ideal balance between encouraging them while also serving a purpose for all those parents out there who want nothing more than to raise healthy, confident and successful adults. Let’s program in a crazy goal… Are we applying outmoded moral codes to a post-digital generation for whom monogamous coupling up may not always be the end goal? CD9 – Similar to MOS, this is slang for “parents are around”. He does talk about the adult industry, putting out Q&As and offering advice to aspiring porn stars, but for every video that touches on his other career, there are more that belong in traditional YouTube genres: unboxings and food reviews and vacation vlogs with Kissa. Encourage your teen or pre-teen to talk to you and when they do, be sure those lines of communication stay open. Don’t forget to bookmark this impressive triple X teen website.

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